Resorts Casino Goes Online on Casino Floor

Resorts Casino Hotel in New Jersey was the first casino to open in the state, and it’s also the first to launch a very cool digital igaming room right on the casino floor. In this first of a kind venture, players who enjoy real money online slots and casino games can get exactly that, while visiting Resorts Casino, and it’s a fun, entertaining way of mixing up a visit to land based casino with a little (or a lot) of online gaming action. The Resorts iGaming Lounge as it’s being called offers comfortable seating areas, an interactive social gaming area and even technical support should it ever be required. Players can get access to a huge amount of online slots and casino games, and get it on any device they wish as well as exclusive casino gaming content that cannot be found anywhere else. Players can of course create new online Resorts account, make deposits and withdraw and do just about everything that you can in a good online casino, directly from the casino floor. It’s a nice idea and something that we do like the sound of however we’re not sure how well it’s going to be received. There is something different and cool about it all however for many a trip to the casino is exactly that...a trip to the casino to sample the live dealer action, to take in the sights and the sounds and to enjoy a whole lot of interaction. Maybe it’ll take off, maybe soon we’ll all be heading to the casino to sit it interactive areas, getting our slots and table game action on our handheld devices and just enjoying other people's company? Stranger things have happened and we’ll just have to wait and see.