Ever since it first grew out of the desert as an oasis for gamblers, the city of Las Vegas has been one of the most popular of all vacation destinations!

Las Vegas Style Online CasinosFrom the earliest visitors in search of wealth and glory, to the performers who made Las Vegas their home, to the throngs of young and old visitors today, there is an unmistakable magic and excitement to this quintessentially American city.

One of the things that makes Las Vegas such a great vacation destination is the fact that it is very affordable, at least if you control your gambling. While the famous (or infamous) five dollar prime ribs are mostly gone, the food in Las Vegas is quite affordable, and the quality is quite high as well. In general, your food dollar goes further in downtown Las Vegas than on the Strip, but even the Strip hotel casinos usually have a reasonably priced coffee shop, and all the usual fast food places are here as well.

Those opting for luxury dining have no shortage of choices, of course. Hotel casinos like the Bellagio are home to some of the finest dining anywhere, and the international buffet at the Paris hotel casino is consistently ranked as one of the best anywhere. Las Vegas is also known for its inexpensive hotels, and it is true that the high number of hotel rooms can get the savvy traveler a real bargain.

While it may not be possible to find a cheap room at the Bellagio or Steve Wynn's new hotel and casino, the lower end of the Strip is home to some real bargains. Some of the bargain priced hotels on the unfashionable end of the Strip include the Sands,Circus Circus, and the Stratosphere, which is also home to some of the best thrill rides anywhere.

If the thought of riding a roller coaster perched atop a tower over 100 stories high appeals to you, the Stratosphere is definitely worth a look. For those with more upscale tastes in hotels, it pays to sign up for the players cards at the higher end hotels like the Luxor and Bellagio. But even those brick and mortar casinos run after high level millionaire casinos into the digital era. Simply providing your email address will yield you midweek specials not available to other guests, and it is often possible to book a hotel room at a fraction of its usual cost using this method.

Las Vegas Style Online Casinos

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