Las Vegas Nevada ... So Much to Do, so Little Time

Virtually any kind of entertainment can be found among the glitz, glamour and slot machines, and visitors of all ages will have no problem keeping themselves entertained for days. The biggest problem about Las Vegas may be fitting all that excitement into such a short vacation.

It is of course gambling that brings most people to Las Vegas, and this exciting city remains the premier gambling destination in the world. The famous Las Vegas strip, known to locals as Las Vegas Boulevard, is home to the most famous hotel casinos in the world, including the fabulous new creation owned by Steve Wynn. This magnificent hotel is of course famous for being the most expensive hotel every built, and it is glamorous even by Las Vegas standards.

It is the exteriors of the hotel casinos that are responsible for much of the fame of Las Vegas. When Las Vegas reinvented itself over a decade ago, it did so by creating landmark hotels that are vacation destinations in their own right. Where else can you see a replica of the Eiffel Tower, sail down an ersatz Venetian canal and catch Elton John or Celine Dion in the Roman Coliseum, all in a single night? It happens in Las Vegas every day.

In addition, some of the casinos boast huge freshwater and saltwater aquariums, tropical plant exhibits and even zoos. Not to mention the myriad of performers, from celebrity impersonators and magicians, to the modern circus sensation that it Cirque de Soleil. And of course there is the world famous casino action, thrilling to first time gamblers and high rollers alike.

Las Vegas has long been a gambler's paradise, and it shows no signs of losing its crown anytime soon. Casino video slot games , Baccarat and strip blackjack as still loved by many people. Even as communities and states around the country have legalized gambling and opened their own casinos, Las Vegas continues to exert an irresistible draw on visitors from the United States and around the world alike.