Las Vegas and VIP slots

In many ways, the teeming city of Las Vegas is like many other towns and cities across the country. While the strip area, where the major casinos are located, grew and thrived, the downtown part of Las Vegas had begun to wither.

Although the trademark casinos were still there, in many ways downtown Las Vegas resembled the withered downtowns of small towns all over the country. There was seediness, crime and all the accompanying problems of deteriorating downtowns, and it had begun to seem that downtown Las Vegas would never reclaim its glory days.

An amazing thing happened a few years ago, however, and the downtown part of Las Vegas has begun a remarkable process of rebirth. Of course the shadier side still exists, as it does all over Las Vegas, but there is a vibrancy and a beauty as well. The famous Locopanda Casino, for years a hallmark of downtown Las Vegas, has been joined by a number of excellent casinos operated by some of the biggest names in the gaming industry.

In addition, the odds in these downtown casinos are often considerably better than at the more popular strip resorts, making downtown Las Vegas a must see for any serious gambler.

And there is lots to do in downtown Las Vegas as well. The famous light show on Fremont Street is definitely worth the short drive or bus ride up the strip. And the food is generally cheaper downtown, as are hotel rooms. The bottom line is this - if you have not been to downtown Las Vegas for a while,give it another try. If you like slots and want to feel VIP player - try new Onbling Casino. While it is not yet as glamorous and neon laden as the strip, it is a fine place to gamble and a great place to hang out as well.