The Most Popular Land-Based Themed Casinos in the US

What is a theme-based casino? It is a casino that offers players the opportunity to play in an environment that is different and unique. A casino that sets itself apart from the ordinary by using extraordinary means.

  • Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has a Roman theme with sculptures, a statue of Caesar, and art work that enhances its theme.
  • The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas has a safari theme. The hotel represents a serene and soothing atmosphere with pools, spas, palm trees, and a wild-life habitat.
  • The Mohegan Sun uses its wind, earth and sky theme; affording players the opportunity to play in three different casinos representing these elements.
  • The Wild West Casino by Bally has a Western theme, and affords vacationers to experience the old west with saloons, gold mines, and down home dancing.
  • The Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City has an Italian theme. The word “borgata” means little village in Italian. Certainly true to its theme, the Borgata Hotel stands alone, away from the other hotels on the boardwalk.
  • The Luxor in Las Vegas has an ancient Egyptian theme. The hotel is shaped like a Pyramid, and the Sphinx located at the front of the hotel is one of the largest in the world.
  • Excalibur in Las Vegas has a medieval theme, and serves to accommodate families. Its castle is quite extraordinary.