3D Casino

No doubt you’ve heard of the many 3D movies that are playing at most theatres these days. In fact, there are now HDTVs that are 3D ready so that you can play your favorite 3D video games as well. The 3D fever has grown so much in popularity that now you can play casino games online at 888s new 3D Casino! At famous 888 Casino , you will now be able to play all your favorite games in 3D. As a matter of fact, take a close look at 888 Casino’s main page. The woman looks an awful lot like Angelina Jolie! But we digress. Let’s get down to the new promotions awaiting you when you join 888 Casino .

888 Casino 3D Casino Promotion is Awesome!

Starting now, when you join 888 3D Casino , you will receive a registration bonus of £8 FREE, a 100% match welcome bonus on the first deposit up to £100, and a special bonus of £100 FREE! But that’s not all! The first 200 new players who deposit each week for the duration of the promotion will be entitled to a share of £20,000!!! So hurry and join 888 today to get FREE money!

Special Features at 888s 3D Casino

As you know, the movie Avatar broke all kinds of records. At 888s 3D Casino, you also have the opportunity to break into the world of Avatars by designing your own! Use your wild imagination as you explore the new 3D casino site, meet and chat with new friends from all over the world, and get to know the virtual dealers as well.

Remember When?

If you are a baby boomer, you will clearly remember those rose and/or blue colored 3D glasses you had to wear when you went to see a 3D movie. Well, times have changed and new technology has made it possible for you to enjoy 3D movies at home, play 3D video games on your TV, and now enjoy the new world of 3D casinos online! Join 888Casino and experience online gaming in 3D!