Casino Games for Men

Whenever I read articles about online casinos and men versus women, they start off by saying that gambling is predominately a male thing. Well, I disagree with this assertion. For centuries, women have been involved in gambling, albeit secretively, but nonetheless have produced some of the most famous women gamblers in history. That being said, it should also be asserted that although there are casino games for men just as there are casino games for women, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Rather than cite some boring statistics on what studies on gambling and the sexes have shown, let's get right to the heart of the matter. But before I do, I should note that one study concluded that gender plays a very small role in the type of game played by either sex.

Casino Games Men Love

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What casino games do men often choose? Table games such as poker, strip blackjack, and Craps. Why do they prefer these games? The opinion is that these games enable men to exhibit their strategy, knowledge, and betting skills. Men also like to bet heavily, and they are more prone to playing games where they can reveal their independent nature. Finally, men enjoy games that are heavy on the graphics. Yes, sex does sell - and men gravitate to online sites that offer some eye candy.

My feeling is that most men want to be in control, not only of their surroundings but of their money and their time. If you've every watched WSOP on TV, spend a few moments watching the men play. Some wear sunglasses or hats. Does this mean they are hiding? No, it simply means they are protecting that which they want to keep private (that independent nature). Some are quite loud and offensive. Does that mean they are bullies? No it simply means they are using their verbal and body language as a way to appear larger than life. In wildlife, you can find many examples of animals that take a specific feature and expand it to appear more dominant. It's no different with men. Men are, by nature, very competitive and always want to be in control.

Thus, while there have been a variety of studies on why men and women play certain casino games, it doesn't hold water any longer. It's a moot point. Since the arrival of online casino gambling, both men and women are on equal terms when it comes to online casino games. And that's the truth of the matter!