Evil Knievel Slot

Evil Knievel is an American icon that pretty much invented modern extreme daredevil activities. For this reason, it is perhaps no surprise that a slot machine based on his accomplishments should become so popular so quickly.

The main selling point for the Evil Knievel slot machine is the fact that theme is based on his extreme accomplishments. With symbols that combine to give an overall Evil Knievel theme, there are many people that play this slot machine just for the theme that is attached. In other basic ways it is relatively unremarkable as it has the typical video slot layout of five reels and twenty pay lines.

However, if one looks deeper than the theme, there are still many things to love about this slot machine. For example, the bonus game is three stages, each one with the ability to multiply your prize. And speaking of the prize, if you do manage to make it to the bonus game you are actually guaranteed some sort of prize since there is no way to lose in the bonus round. This is something that not many slot machines offer.

The free spins feature on the Evil Knievel slot machine is also quite remarkable. Three scatter symbols at any position on the five reels will net you 15 free spins, an amount that is above the average of 10 free spins that a video slot machine would normally give out. In addition to that, while most slot machines would double winnings during free spins, Evil Knievel triples them, once again staying true to the spirit of the daredevil that was the namesake for this slot machine.

In conclusion, this is definitely one of the better online slot machines in modern online casino gaming. As proof of this, you will find this game at many of the best online casinos.