El Toro Slots

Based on the fraught and tense relationship between matador and bull in Spanish bull fighting rings, El Toro Slots is a user-friendly slots game developed by Realtime Gaming that brings you right into the atmosphere. With crystal clear graphics and fun sounds this is a slots game that will cheer up even the most sour-faced bull. If you download video slots frequently then chances are you'll have come across a three reel game before, but for many beginners this will be a novelty. Three reels means just one payline and there are four possible winning combinations that you can land. Combine those combinations with bets of between $0.05 and $5 and you're in for a win.

Unleash Your Strategy in the Bullfighting Ring

Slots work best on a probability scale, and just because there are only three reels that doesn't mean your strategy needs to change. You only enter the bonus round in El Toro Slots when you bet the highest wager, but you don't want to do this all of the time. What you need to decide is how often you want to bet the highest wager and stick to it. If you have a lot of credits that might be every other go, or every third go. For those on a budget it might work better if you bet the highest wager every fourth go and then if you're unlucky then at least your credits lasted longer. However, these tried and tested strategies suggest that every other or every third go will eventually make up for your losses anyway, and often surpass them.

Roses Are Red, the Bull's Eyes Are Too

You should always keep your eye out for the wild symbol in this game, which is the rose. This can act as any other symbol in its place to create the winning combination that you need. For instance, if you've got two '7' symbols on your reels already then you'll definitely want to use the wild symbol to complete the trio and win the jackpot. Which, by the way, is a maximum of 300 coins if you are betting the maximum wager. Also important to look out for are the matador and bull symbols together, which trigger the bonus round...

When It's Time to Raise the Red Flag

To activate the bonus round on El Toro Slots the player must place the maximum bet and land the matador and bull symbols together on any of the three reels. This will take you to a new screen where you place a bet on either the matador or the bull to win their face-off. If you're choice wins, you win a prize, if your choice loses, you go back to the slots game screen. Simple!

Don't Get Up, the Bulls Will Come to You

Not everyone can visit a bullfighting ring in Spain to be a part of the excitement and tension in the air, so Realtime Gaming Bovada Casino have made it possible to do from your own armchair. Just download video slots software for this game, make an account and you can then decide whether to play for a while using play money (to get used to the game and the rules) or start off your planned strategy from the get go.