Party In Wonderland Slots

If you enjoy the adventures of Alice in Wonderland, then you will really have fun playing Party in Wonderland slots. The interface of the game is decorated with tiny red hearts, setting the theme of the Louis Carroll classic fairy tale. In the background, you can see a wooded area, which represents the woods in the original story.

Familiar Characters

The characters from Alice in Wonderland are included in this game. You can watch and enjoy the icons that represent the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, the Jabberwock, and others. These icons appear on the reel as it spins, and different combinations of icons will often reveal a nice monetary prize. This slot game is a five reel, twenty-one line source of fun for any slots aficionado.

Playing the Game

Start your game by choosing the amount of your bet. This is accomplished by using the bet selector that is located on the lower right of your game screen. You may then use the Bet One button in order to select how many lines you want to bet on. Those who play slots usually know from experience that betting on more than one line can reap much in the way of prizes. You may want to choose the Bet Max button, which spins each of the fifteen lines and reels to your advantage once you have clicked on the Spin button.

The Pay Table

The Pay Table for this game is very easy to understand, no matter if you are a green beginner or an old pro at playing online slots. You can see the pay table by clicking on the button marked as such. A pay table is revealed, which give you all the information you need.

Understanding the Pay Table

A quick read of the table confirms that the area to the left has the information that tells you how many online slots hits will be needed in order to claim prices. How are hits earned, you may ask. They are earned by spinning a winning combination of icons! The amount of your winnings is figured by multiplying the number on the chart that is underneath by the value of the coin or coins that were used in the game.

Scatter and Wild Symbols

Scatter symbols and wild symbols offer the slots player special payouts. The Wild symbol can also be quite lucrative as it can be used in place of any other symbol to make up a winning combination. Party in Wonderland is a great online slots game with plenty of action.