Vegas Party Slots - $270,000 Jackpot

There are a number of different video slots available to you and one of those slots is the Vegas Party Video slot. Video slot machines have tended to become very sophisticated in the modern world and Vegas Party is perhaps a very good example of that because it is a 5-reel slot that actually offers up to 25 different pay-lines, which basically means that on any given roll provided you bet the maximum there are 25 different ways for you to win. There is also a free spins provision in this game as there are in many of the other video slot games. Finally, you can win a jackpot worth up to a whopping $270,000 just from this slot game alone.

How to Play Vegas Party Slots

Playing the Vegas Party slot machine is quite similar to playing any of the other slot machines and basically is self-explanatory. The first thing you need to do is decide on the number of coins that you are going to use (as well as the value of each particular coin). This is an important choice because the more coins that you use per spin, the more pay-lines that you are eligible to win on. This means that if you want all 25 ways to win in each spin, that you need to bet 25 coins. If you want that to be as cheap as possible, then go with a coin size of $0.01 so that each spin only costs you a quarter.


When the spinning is done and all five reels have settled, all of the 25 pay-lines are then explored to see if you have any victories along those pay-lines. Depending on those results, you are either prompted to spin again or alternatively are given your reward and then asked to spin again. There are a number of symbols that refer to the different amounts of money that you can win and there is also a "Vegas Party" wild card symbol that can represent anything except for the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol, if appearing three or more times on the reels in a single spin, starts what is known as the Free Spin provision within this slot game.

Free Spins

You can win free spins as part of your actual game prizes if three or more scatter symbols happen to appear on the reels during any particular spin. You win 15 free spins when this happens and those 15 free spins will have the same number of pay-lines you just paid for in the previous spin. You can also win more free spins as part of that 15 and these will simply be added to the end until you exhaust your store of free spins. The real benefit of getting these free spins however is the fact that anything that you happen to win during this free period will be tripled, so in addition to saving some money on the spins you also have a chance to win even more money if you are lucky enough to get a hit during that 15-spin period.