Increased Payout Percentages and Jackpots to Entice Casino Players

Recently it was shown the payout percentages and jackpots available by varioous casinos are on the rise. This is apparent in the casinos in many of the New England locations. This increase in payout percentages was done as a result of attracting more players to these casinos.

Increased Payout Percentages

The changes to the casinos have been carried out by making small changes to slot machines. Casino owners are able to do so after they calculate the formulas for different slot machines. By doing calculations, the casino owners were able to figure out how often a player will reach payout during slot games. This led to a change in how often some slot machines will reach payout. When hearing this, casino players have responded by spending more time playing slot machines.

Casino Operators

Casino operators throughout New England such as Mohegan Sun have stated they are looking for more ways to increase players, and have done so by increasing payout percentages and jackpots. During the last 16 weeks, casino operators in areas such as Rhode Island and Massachusetts have raised the percentages casino players are seeing in the slot games they play. This translates into better and bigger wins by slot players, along with a higher frequency of winnings.