GiGse Summit Looks into the Future of iGaming

The end of April – between April 27th and 29th, to be exact – marks this year’s Global iGaming Summit and Expo. Due to take place in San Francisco, the GiGse summit is focused purely on online gaming, and it set to look at how the future might develop in this area.

Breaking boundaries

This is part of the theme in place for this year. Even the website speaks of the ‘transformed agenda’ that is in place. Most people with an interest in this area will know the limitations that are in place with regard to regulations and political concerns. The industry is determined to continue to grow and flourish, even in the somewhat difficult marketplace that is the US.

Who will be there?

Some major names in the industry will be present at the event this year. Among them are Apple, the California Gambling Control Commission, The Golden Nugget from Las Vegas, and various gaming companies including Rocket Games.

LaunchPad start-up shortlist set to turn heads

The event will showcase five start-ups this year, including CrowdLotto and GameStars. This is just one of the elements of the summit, and gives five companies a chance to establish themselves in the business. They will pitch their businesses in front of an audience that could play a significant role in how those businesses develop in the future. It is just one example of the forward-thinking nature of the GiGse summit.

An impressive list of speakers

This year’s event will also benefit from a strong list of speakers. Among those who will be taking the podium is Joe Asher, the CEO of William Hill in the US. William Hill is an established betting shop brand in the UK, and looks set to make significant inroads in America as well.

Focusing on the millennials

The idea here is to target the millennials – those who could be future customers for iGaming companies. Plenty of companies are looking at ways to entice the millennials towards their own businesses. If these people are drawn to a particular brand or iGaming company, they could deliver great profits.

There is certainly plenty to look forward to at the expo and event this year. Even if you are not going to be there, be prepared for plenty of news coming up soon coming straight from the event itself. There will be lots to discover and learn about, and it’s all focused on iGaming.