Crypto Crazy

Have you become crazy over the crypto currency that has caused a worldwide boom for Bitcoin and other digital currency? Would you say you were obsessed with it? Have you been buying Bitcoins as if they were gold ingots? You’re not alone. When Bitcoin first came out, it sold for pennies. Now it is worth in the thousands. In fact, I was reading several articles by so-called experts who were trying to sell their ideas in book form. They state that you can make $800,000 by only investing $100 on February 1. Really? These ads are all over the internet, and if you’re not careful, you can be sucked in and lose quite a bit of money. The Crypto Craze, as I like to call it, is literally going bonkers. I also read recently that many of the major coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum took a big hit in December. But currently, Bitcoin is still the reigning King of crypto currency.

Buying BitCoins

As you may know, you can purchase Bitcoins at exchanges by signing up and getting a wallet. You can also purchase Bitcoin debit cards, and other forms of Bitcoins you can use for virtually anything, even online gambling. Note that most of the top US casinos and newer casinos have gone Bitcoin crazy. There are even Bitcoin only casinos now. The fact that Bitcoins use a blockchain that allows your personal information anonymity means that if you do fund an online casino, it is very safe and very secure. Ethereum is using Smart Contracts, which is another form of the Bitcoin craze. There are so many …..coins out there, that it may be difficult for you to determine which is the best. Those of you who that have looked into buying Bitcoins or other coins have fallen into an obsession.

How Many Crypto Currencies Exist Today?

There are over 1300 crypto currencies being sold today. If you are looking into buying any of these, it would take you several weeks to several months to research all of them. Obsessed much? Here is the problem as I see it. At some point the saturation point for crypto currencies is going to reach an all time high. What then? Will you lose the money you have so carefully invested?

Clear Signs You are Crypto Crazed

There are literally hundreds of sites online that try to explain what a Bitcoin is. There are sites where they offer very complicated explanations, and there are sites where they try to refer to Bitcoins in layman’s terms. Do you understand any of these explanations? When you talk to your friends about Bitcoin, do you go overboard in trying to make them understand what a crypto currency is, and then go on to ensure they buy into your explanation? If one of your friends wants to know what “mining” is, or if you are asked how to buy it, use it, and what a wallet is – how intense is your discourse on the topics? Again, obsessed much?

How Early Do You get up in the Morning to Check the Price of Bitcoin?

Do you check it once in the morning, or are you constantly on your computer or laptop checking the prices. If you have a broker, how many times a day do you call asking what you should do if the price drops or if you should sell if the price jumps substantially. Do you subscribe to social media sites re Bitcoin? How many Bitcoin groups have you joined? Is your inbox inundated with emails about Bitcoin?

The Future of Crypto Currency

To be honest with you, I have written more than thousands of articles reviewing online casinos. I have to say that early 2017 to date have spawned the crypto casino craze in ways I could not have imagined. Do I own Bitcoins? No. Do I intend on owning Bitcoins in the future? Am I crypto crazed – definitely not! What I am is very happy that our US players now have a choice to fund their online casino accounts with worry. It has been said online on many occasions that people who invested in Bitcoins at the very beginning are millionaires now. I say good luck to them. Would I like to have that kind of money so I wouldn’t have to worry about my future? Sure, I am not stupid. But I am not obsessed either.

The Future for You

If any of the scenarios I have mentioned above are familiar to you, you are clearly crypto crazed. May I also say to those who are researching Bitcoins or other crypto currencies, please be careful what sites you are researching. If you have the money to invest in Bitcoin, make sure you know the risks. Please don’t go online and buy them; instead, call a broker or someone who knows how best to advise you. The future of crypto currency is teetering on the edge of a cliff and can go either way.