Five Stags

Five stags. We guess that means five individual stags, right? Since the casino calls itself the Red Stag Casino , it must surely have something to do with that. And it does – but not in the way you might expect.

In truth, we should state that five stags should be written as FIVESTAGS. If you are au fait with lots of online casinos, you’ll know they often use coupon codes to deliver some cool benefits to their customers. So, you might guess that FIVESTAGS will get you a nice deal at the Red Stag Casino.

You would be correct, too, because this is the code you should use if you want to get a $5 free chip to get your gaming underway at Red Stag. If you visit the site and click on the ‘play now’ button, you can check out the opportunity to claim that five-dollar chip. Make sure you enter that FIVESTAGS code though, otherwise you won’t receive the chip. Once you have done so and you have entered your details to create your account, all that remains is to make sure you can choose from some of the available games to spend those five bonus dollars wisely. Where will you begin?