USA Presidential Election Betting Odds

Betting on horses, prizefights, or football is an everyday affair. If you are looking for something different, something that only comes along every four years, try placing a bet on your favorite political candidates! Bovada sports book takes bets on a wide variety of events including world-wide soccer and cricket games, football, tennis, Rugby, and many others. Down at the bottom of the list is a sub-heading titled Entertainment, and under Entertainment is a section titled Political Props. Under the Political Props section players have the option of betting on a number of political outcomes.

Playing Politics

This is a fun way to keep your interest up in current political events after the campaign ads have burnt you out! The odds shift some with current polls and the areas where bets are taken change. The current hot areas are “Who will be the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee?” and “2012 US Presidential Election – Winning Party”. If you have strong convictions about politics and you think that the election will go differently from what the popular opinion currently is, this has the potential to be a big money-maker. Check back on the Political Props heading often to see how the odds are shifting and to see what elections are added through the political season. After you read about a scandal in the news, see what the effect is on the odds page. Just think how exciting the political results night on the news will be! You will be cheering as you never have before!

Betting on Just About Everything

Placing bets on the outcome of the presidential election is a fun and easy way to test the waters in betting on the sports book – it does not require special knowledge and it is easy to follow daily developments. After this foray into betting you can try your hand on betting on reality television outcomes and even on the end results of various celebrity scandals! After that you may want to move on to just about every sporting event that you have ever heard of including the Olympic Games and obscure things like Snooker championships! Of course this will add spice to events like the Super Bowl and any other sporting event that you watch on a regular basis.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Setting up a betting account for the sports book at Bovada is quick and easy. So head over and put a few bucks on your favorite candidate now! Even if you are not habitually political, this will help you find excitement in the election.