Sport Bettors Still Gambling Through Coronavirus

This Just In: Bovada Sportsbettors on now betting on the weather! This is quite shocking to this writer as the coronavirus continues to surge. People are dying and because most sporting events have been canceled, why on earth would anyone bet on the weather? Sources have said that "this is way less complicated than typical sports bets." Seriously? Why not take the money and use it to help people acquire masks and other essential items during this pandemic. According to one source, "the vast majority of Bovada's weather bets are simply about the temperature in a particular U.S. city. For example, in L.A., the line is set at 61 degrees for March 18. The odds for over or under that temp are equal ... if you lay down $120 and you're on the correct side of the thermometer, you'll win $100." This type of sports betting goes beyond the pale. It's just plain wrong.