Online Flash Casinos for US and Europe

Flash casinos popularity is obvious these days. There are many advantages in playing casino games, like slots, blackjack, and roulette. With Flash casino, you don't spend time on downloading, you can play any time you want (hey, it's the Internet) and any place you want. Let's say you are bored at work and your boss just left to go to a long meeting... You know, it's Internet...

Now, let's say you already had credit card rejection problems in your old casino and you need advice about a reliable and instant payment method for a flash casino. And wait, what flash casino is the best today? What flash games are offered? If you ask those questions, you are at the right place.

Whatever reason you have to play we would like to introduce you to our chosen

Online flash casinos accepting all USA players:

Online Flash Casinos FAQs

How do I deposit real money in Flash casino mode?

What is a Flash casino? Is it the same as an "Instant Play" casino?

Flash is the name for the web technology. What it means for a player? Nothing, except that you are not required to download casino software prior to play. That's why many people refer to the Flash casino as "Instant Play".

Are Flash and "No Download" casinos the same thing?

Yes and no. There are different casino technologies existing in the market - download, flash, Java, etc. A no download casino in people's mind normally means flash casino, because flash is graphics rich and easy to develop and maintain technology that gives players the ability to start playing online slots without downloading. Many new online casinos choose flash as the development platform. There is a drawback though - download casino software makes good use of your computer power and less dependent on the Internet connection.

How do I deposit real money in Flash casino mode?

It's pretty much like depositing money in a download casino you played at before - click on banking options, choose the preferable payment method and follow the instructions on the screen. Further questions depend on the chosen depositing method. We can recommend PrePaid Cards, MyPaylinQ, MoneyLineWallet, and credit cards for US players.

I want to play slot machines. What games can I play in flash casino?

Lots of the great new slot machines are available at the flash online casinos we have chosen and you are welcome to play, no matter where you live, in
. The best flash slots for USA players were available at Liberty Slots Flash Casino.

Take or not to take deposit bonus?

Many online casinos are trying to stimulate players to make use of the alternative payments methods, having less rejections. One of the popular ways is the so called "deposit bonus", i.e. bonus based on the way you deposit money into the casino account. Sounds like a great idea? Well, it depends. Many online casinos have no deposit bonus on purpose. Why? Because to prevent fraud they have to tighten promotion conditions and this drives normal casino players nuts. It takes forever to read them and fulfill all the requirements and, without it, you feel like you are in prison - don't do this and don't do that. The good news is at our recommended casinos, it's up to you to take or not to take the deposit bonus. If you decide to take it, all conditions apply, if not, just deposit your own funds and be absolutely free. You are welcome to play Online Flash Casino with NO Deposit Bonus right now.

What Instant Flash games are currently available?

Well, the set of games depends on the casino and the type of the software the casino's using. There are many casino software providers on the market, the variety of the slots, keno and table games is amazing, but the bad news is it's pretty hard to understand what's going on. The casinos we recommend have a lot of flash slot machines, like Cleopatra slots, progressive games, video poker games, progressive blackjack, keno, roulette and other flash casino games. Needless to say you can play for real money or in demo mode. You could make tiny bets of $1 each or gamble $200 at once. We would appreciate if you could write us about any problems you are having with flash games or new casino with flash games that we've missed and deserve mention.