Gambling Strategy Secrets of a Professional Player

Ask anyone the average player who gambles at online and offline casinos if they have a strategy; and most would say yes. However, if you wanted the inside scoop, you would most likely find hundreds of online books devoted to the gambling strategy secrets of a professional player. While certain casino games may require some type of strategy, other forms of betting require years of study. Because there are so many books devoted to gambling strategy secrets of a professional player, we would like to provide you with some general information that may help you win more often when playing at online casinos.

Roulette: As the Wheel Turns

There is general recommendation that playing roulette offers better odds when playing a roulette game with one zero or European roulette. The reasons given for this gambling strategy is that American roulette has both single and double zeros, which gives about a 5% edge to the house. Conversely, playing European roulette reduces that number by almost 3 percentage points. Although there are no hard and fast rules other than playing European roulette, some professionals insist that a player should not place a 5-number bet, that is, 0-00-1-2-3, which is prevalent on American roulette tables that have double zeroes. According to these professionals, the house has an 8% edge.

Craps: Seven Come Eleven

There are many gambling strategy secrets of a professional player as it pertains to successful craps, but of course, many of these professionals want to be paid for their knowledge. We have researched craps strategies and found some tips that may be helpful. Most all craps players agree that betting the odds bet is the best bet. The second thing they agree on is to place double odds on the 6 or 8 and single odds on the 5 or 9. They tell you to bring down the chips if either the 6 or 8 hit, and take off the odds as well. Another gambling strategy is to place a bet on the 6 and 8 after the come out roll. Bet $12 each. Then reduce the bet to $6 if either number comes out and then play until the shooter rolls a 7. Others concur that you should never bet the field. They propose a strategy called “3 numbers.” This entails making two come bets with odds; stop betting until the come bet hits; then make another come bet with odds.

Blackjack: Beat the Dealer

Blackjack is a fairly straightforward game. The object is to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. The dealer has to stand on 17, but draw on 16. The gambling strategy outlined by most professionals including taking a hit if the two cards dealt to you equals 9 or below, and stand if the two cards total 17 or higher. They also advise to stand if the total of the two cards equals 12 to 16 and the dealer face card is 6 or lower. If the dealer’s face card is 7 or higher, take a card. If you have a 10 or 11, and the dealer’s face card is lower, double down. If you have a 10 and the dealer has a 7 showing, double down. If you and the dealer both have a 10, take a card. Also double down if the dealer has a 5 or a 6 and you have a 13 or 18 (with an ace). If you have two 10s, and the dealer has a 6 showing, split the cards into two hands. However, never split a hand if you have a pair of 4s, 5s, or 10s. The rule of thumb is to split aces and 8s.

Video Poker: Flush it Out

There are several variations of video poker, but particularly for beginners who are looking for gambling strategy secrets of a professional player, let’s take Jacks or Better Video Poker. One of the recommendations is to always look for a paying hand. The first thing professionals tell you is when to get rid of paying hands. This may sound crazy, but there is a strategy at work here. They state that there are few instances when you should including: if you have 4 cards to a straight flush or 4 cards to a royal flush. Thus, keeping 4 cards to a royal flush or straight flush offers better odds. The second piece of advice offered is to go for an open-ended straight. If one of the cards in the straight is a Jack or higher, it’s prudent to go for the straight. But, if you all you have is a pair to work with, keep any two of the cards that will lead you to a royal flush except the ten. Finally, any three cards that can lead to a straight flush should be kept.

Horse Racing: Riders Up!

While there may be plenty of gambling strategy secrets of a professional player who bets on horse races, this is the one venue that requires years of study. The way to win at the track involves getting to know the jockeys, the horses, the odds, the track, and how wagers work. This means you have to be able to read and understand racing forms, get to know the history of the horse you are betting on by following their race records, learning about jockeys and their performance over the course of a year, getting to know the track and how weather conditions may affect the race, and simply following the odds and the outcomes on a daily basis. There is no set strategy in winning at the track. You really have to become as knowledgeable as possible on the sport and this encompasses a lot of reading, studying, and understanding all aspects of horse racing, betting, and odds. We hope that these gambling strategy secrets of a professional player will help you regardless of what online casino game or horse track you frequent. In the end, knowledge is the best teacher in becoming a professional in any endeavor.