Successful Craps Play makes Real Money

Simply walking by a Craps table can be a confusing and intimidating experience. After all, there are so many things happening seemingly at once that it can be hard to tell just what is going on, and how you can get into the action. It is possible, however, with just a few tips and a little knowledge, to belly up to the craps table with the confidence you need to succeed.

Make Money Playing Craps

Listed below are our favorite tips for a successful day at the craps table. If you came to online casino just to enjoy playing craps you may stoo reading. If however you want to make money playing craps read those tips carefully:

  • The most important thing one need to pay attention on is the casino. While most of the casinos look shiny and welcome you in any possible way, there are huge differences between them. Ask your friends, read online casino reviews, check forums online to make sure the casino of your choice is reliable and fair. Your chances to win depend on many factors you cannot control, but if you get this tip, you aldeady did some progress today. I cannot stop emphasizing it - choose the best craps casino before you play craps for real money!
  • Learn how to make two outstanding craps bets. First, learn how to make a Pass Line bet and second learn how to Place the 6 or the 8. Both of these bets have a casino advantage of less than one and a half percent. This makes these two bets the best ones in the casino.
  • Avoid those proposition bets in the center of the layout. The dealer who is touting the performance of those bets is simply trying to induce play on those bets. These proposition bets are all house advantaged, and in some cases the casino advantage runs as high as 16%.
  • If the minimum for the table is too rich for your blood, find a more suitable table. Never get in over your head, whether you are playing craps or any other casino game.
  • If you need help with something, do not be afraid to ask the dealer. Most dealers will be happy to help you.
  • Always pick up your winnings when you leave the table. This seems obvious but you would be surprised how many winnings are left on the table.

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