Mastering the Art of Bovada Poker: Strategies and Tips

Becoming a master at a game like poker feels like a glamorous, far fetched dream for your average person. Similar to becoming a rockstar or an athlete professionally. However, you can take steps to improve your game. Bovada has one of the industry's best poker rooms, and is known worldwide for its excellent poker options.

Becoming a talented poker player takes time and energy. You have to educate yourself on the rules of the game along with educating yourself on known strategies. It's debatable whether or not poker is some sort of natural talent, however you will need to learn at least a bit of information before becoming a world class poker champion. All poker beginners need to start with a sure fire strategy to participate in cash games or tournaments. After all, Bovada doesn't want to see you fail. If you take the right steps and employ these techniques and strategies, you'll walk away with a valuable poker experience.

Why Strategy Matters

Too many eager gamblers wish to rush into a game after learning the basic rules, and take no time to learn poker strategy. Poker strategy is the most important aspect of the game. Sure, it would be nice if you were just lucky and always had a fat stack of poker chips at your disposal, but life just doesn't work that way. Whether you're playing live and in person or online, poker strategy matters. If you want to overcome the obstacles and win at Bovada, you'll need to weigh your options carefully. You can use these strategies in games and tournaments both online or in person. If you don't use proper strategy while playing, nothing is going to stop your opponent from exploiting your weakness and taking all of your chips.

Poker Strategy In Motion

David Sklansky is famous and is known as one of the greatest poker players of all time, and he invented what's known as the Fundamental Theroin of Poker. Basically, if you make the same deacons you would have made if you knew your opponent's cards, you'll win. If you don't, they'll win. It sounds simple enough but it's the foundation for any solid poker strategy. You have to guess what playing cards your opponent might possess by narrowing down the options. You'll also need to protect your hand to ensure your opponent can't use the same strategy against you.

Another strategy was invented around 2015 called Game Theory Optimal poker. It uses the basic events of game theory, developed by mathematicians John Von Neumann and John Nash in the 20th century. Computers have fine tuned this strategy for heads-up Fixed-Limit Texas Hold Em. Many of these strategies are too complex for any human to memorize, but they better explain the Fundamental Theorem of Poker. The GTO strategy will have you make the same bet in a given situation with several different hands you might be holding. Sometimes you'll bet for value while other times you'll be bluffing. The ratio is dependent upon your bet size and the bigger you bet, the more often you bluff. This will disguise your poker hand, so your opponents will be able to predict your moves. Remember, Poker is a game that comes with different variants, so you'll want to familiarize yourself with the different variants along with learning the different strategies necessary. Even though there are many different variants of the game, poker is still just poker at its core.

Texas Hold Em and Omaha Poker

Texas Hold Em is one of the most popular poker variants, known for its luxury and glamour . The basic ABC strategy is best for learning this game by starting poker hands. You'll want to play only your best poker hands early in the game, then as you get closer to the button, you can open your starting rangers. There are less players between you and the blinds who will get in your way, too.

Playing poker after a flop is more difficult. Since you're a new player, you want to protect yourself by betting using one consistent size on all streets, flop turn and river. You also will want to decide how many streets of value you want to go for based on the strength of your hand. Any pair is good for one street, but for two streets you'll want a Top Pair Good Kicker like King-Seven or a Seven Five Deuce board. You should not bet or call all three streets without Two Pair or better. If you bluff instead of value betting you'll want to make sure to protect yourself, so I'd suggest less bluffing while you're still learning the game. You should have one Open Ended Straight Straight or a Flush Draw before you bluff, and make sure you as a plenary bet or raise the same amount with a bluff as you would with a value bet.

Surprisingly, Omaha Poker uses some of the same general strategies as Texas Hold Em, so learning Texas Hold Em first could be beneficial to increases your chances of winning. After you've mastered Texas Hold Em, give Omaha Poker a try. This is four card poker, so you'll need to adjust your betting thresholds. Two Pairs will not be solid enough for tree streets of value. When it comes to starting hands, don't rely on memorizing ranges. Just group poker hands into categories instead.

Bovada Poker

Bovada is known globally for its sports betting but also for its poker. Its poker room is famous for its quality. There are six total poker tournament options. Bovada also even offers a special bonus just for poker players. You can claim a poker welcome bonus of 100% up to $500. You just need to sign up for an account and redeem the code PWB500. After that, make your deposit and claim the poker bonus. You will have to download the poker software to unlock the welcome bonus. After you download the software, start playing and earning poker Rewards. The welcome bonus will be issued in increments of $5 for every 150 rewards points you earn. Reward points are credited when you exit a cash game, or at the end of a poker tournament.

Speaking of poker tournaments. The tournaments Bovada offers provide hefty rewards. For example, there is a 150k Guaranteed poker tournament. There's also a special high roller tournament every Sunday. They also have something called Zone Poker. That means after you fold, you'll be automatically moved to another table with new hole cards. So you can play twice as many hands in the same time frame. You can play two tables at once! There's also the Jackpot Sit & Go tournament. If you're limited in time and have a low overall buy-in limit, this kind of tournament is ideal. The game is three-player Texas Hold Em, and the buy-ins can be as little as $2. Every player begins with 300 chips and the tournament is accessible 24/7.