Roulette Secrets: Increasing Your Odds of Winning

Have you ever wanted to improve your roulette game? Roulette is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous ways to win money, popularized by James Bond and other forms of media, along with holding a sustainable reputation among gamblers as being a difficult yet fun game. Unlike slots, roulette requires a little background knowledge and strategy to truly master, but reading up on techniques can put you on track to winning your next big spin. Roulette has quite a long history, and was actually invented by a French physicist and mathematician named Blaise Pascal. Pascal's original intention wasn't to invent a game, instead he was trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. This is a machine that will draw energy without an external source. Either way, Pascal's mistake invented something that revolutionized the betting industry forever, becoming one of the most popular casino games to ever exist. Roulette's made numerous appearances in pop culture throughout the ages. In fact, did you know the zero didn't even exist on the roulette wheel until the middle of the 19th century? It's hard to imagine playing roulette without the zero, but it actually didn't exist because the original roulette wheel didn't have a single number on it!

Anyways, enough with the history lesson. Let's discuss how to improve your odds at playing!

Table Minimum

While playing roulette, especially as a new and inexperienced player, it's crucial to stick to the table minimum, and focus only on placing outside bets. You should bet either on red or black for every new spin If you bet this way, your win ratio is 1:1, which is quite favorable. You'll be covering 18/38 potential combinations that way.

Another hot tip is to spread your bets! It'll keep gameplay engaged and exciting. Place two equal bets on a couple of outside bets. Place one of your bets on a column or the 2:1 paying dozen, and every other bet should be an even-money bet. You can cover more numerous twice with these bets, which can result in the opportunity to hit more numbers. Score!

Different Variations of Roulette

If you know anything about roulette, you'll probably realize there are numerous different variations of roulette. However, European Roulette is actually the game with the best odds. The European Roulette is played with a single zero European wheel, which improves your odds. The house edge is less than the American versions of roulette. You can even further lower the house edge, ending around 1.4%. If the ball rests in a colored pocket with a zero on it, all of the bets the player places in the ground will continue into the next round, thus increasing your odds of winning.

Plus, European Roulette is an exciting gambling experience unlike any other. While the fundamentals are very similar to the American version, it's still wiser to play its cousin from across the seas. Keep in mind, if you're new to roulette as a whole, you should try the European version before you try any other variation of roulette, especially because it's the easiest to familiarize yourself with.

This brings us to our next tip!

Play For Free At First

Demo mode is well known in the slot world, but what about roulette? it's lesser known that you can play demo games of many renowned table games as long as you're on the right site. You cannot demo live versions of games, but you can demo their virtual variations. You can use free play mode to practice your skills, along with test out any strategies or techniques without having to risk any of your gambling funds. If your preferred casino doesn't offer a demo version of roulette, try out a random roulette game online and at least familiarize yourself with it. Many online casinos offer demo versions of both European and American Roulette. If all else fails you can use some free casino money from the welcome bonus to test out your roulette game. You'll want to become familiar with the feel of the wheel, along with the look of it. You'll need to be knowledgeable about the structure of the table along with assessing any payouts.

En Prison Rule

Surprisingly, not all casinos offer en prison roulette rules. However, if you dedicate time and energy to finding one that does, it's certainly worth your time and experience. This rule applies solely to European wheels, and will enable players to lower the house edge. You can lower the house edge to a meager 1.35%, and will be valid for all even money bets! So if you place a bet riding on red and the ball lands on a zero, the bet will not be considered won or lost. Instead, the ball will be locked up for an additional spin of the wheel. As long as the ball doesn't land on red, the house will return your original bet to you. While you didn't win any money you didn't lose any money either, and that's a helpful loophole. Keep in mind that if the ball lands on black, you'll still lose. If the ball lands on zero again, the process will begin yet again and the ball will remain in place for another round.

Avoid 00s and Bet on Rows

Speaking of, avoid roulette wheels with a double zero if you can. Not all roulette wheels are the same. If you bet on a roulette wheel with a double zero, it'll increase the house's edge against you by 1%. New players are always surprised to learn you can't bet on a single number in roulette. Instead, you have to bet on one of the three rows, which will give you a 1/3rd chance of winning. While the amount you win will decrease, you'll still win a nice sum.

Multiple Numbers and Multiple Bets

Betting and winning on a single number can certainly be a thrill, and be rewarding, however a better technique might be to place small bets on multiple numbers, instead of placing a big bet on one. This gives you better winning odds overall. Placing a small bet on every row is a good way to guarantee you'll walk away with some money. It'll depend on the odds the casino offers, and your profit will be small, but it's better than losing!

Remember, 50/50 bets are the way to go. Along with betting on rows, most roulette games offer players three sets of 50/50 bets. You can place odds or evens bets, highs or lows bets and reds or blacks bets. Any of these types of bets will increase your odds as opposed to if you bet on a single number.