Gambling for US Players 2013

2013 has started off much better than the past two years in that we have many more online casinos for US players. Thus, the chart below indicates the top US casinos along with their welcome bonuses and highlights. But even with this good news, US states are still debating the issue as are online casinos throughout the world. Below is the list of the online casinos accepting US players that we highly recommend and list as our top ten. While the legal status of online gambling in the USA is still in a state of flux, we are constantly updating and providing news reports as to the status of online gambling. However, we are ever hopeful that online gambling will become a reality for those states that are still having an issue with it.

December, 2013

If you have been watching TV lately, you will note that there have been several commercials promoting online casinos in New Jersey. Well, things must be going quite well as there is some news to report. Lawmakers in New Jersey have just introduced a bill that you allow online gambling to be expanded to other states and countries. This is big news because originally, only bets could be made from New Jersey residents. No doubt, these two lawmakers have seen the writing on the wall and dollar signs have been multiplying. Thus, the bill would allow New Jersey to partner with other states and countries, where online gambling is legal, to allow them to access the more than 15 gambling sites run by the Atlantic City Casinos. The first hurdle, however, would require that processors of payments get a license so that the financial institutions would allow credit cards to be used. As you know, this has become a problem of late. Banks still are gun-shy, so to speak, in allowing US players to use credit cards to find their online casino accounts. However, this bill may be the straw that breaks the “banks’” back and give them the wherewithal to finally process online casino payments. We’ll keep you apprised as to the determination of this bill and its outcome.

April 14, 2013

Illinois: A legislator wants to include legalizing online gambling in a bill that would expand state land-based gambling. He is being met with a great deal of resistance. However, he is being supported by outside sources, i.e., investors who are pushing for regulated online gambling. One investment company just released a study in which it found that by the year 2024, online gambling in the US will become one of the largest businesses - equalling or surpassing those in New York and New Jersey. Figures show that online gambling could become a $10 billion dollar industry by 2024.

April 2013

Pennsylvania: The bill that was intended to be put up for a vote will be introduced in the next two weeks. As you know, the legislator who wrote the bill calling for the intra-state gambling law pulled it back for further consideration after discussion with other legislators in the state. Washington State: Although the state is utterly opposed to online gambling, a legislator there will not only lobby other legislators in his state, but is also considering putting this on the ballot in November.

March 22, 2013

Pennsylvania: We reported earlier that a legislator from Pennsylvania was ready to introduce a bill to legalize online gambling. Unfortunately, the bill never got to the floor. The problem continues to be the Republicans, who are against such legislation. Illinois: A similar bill legalizing online gambling in this state has also been stalled.

March 14, 2013

Pennsylvania: Even though the Republican Congress may put the cabash on legalizing online gambling statewide, a new bill was introduced for intra-state gambling in Pennsylvania yesterday, as reported here. The bill was put before the House Gaming Oversight Committee in Harrisburg. It is here that it must be approved before moving on to the House for a full vote.

March 13, 2013

News has just emerged that Senator Reid is looking to federalize online gambling. After several attempts to bring such a bill to the floor, this one apparently looks promising as more and more states are passing such legislation, thus forcing the powers that be to finally deal with this issue. A Pennsylvania state legislator is in the process of introducing a bill that would legalize online gambling in that state. However, Republicans in the House are looking to quash such a bill when it comes up for a vote next week. In Iowa, an online gambling bill has been defeated. So too, in Hawaii, an attempt to even bring up this matter in the legislator has failed.

Update: February 28, 2013

Governor Christie has signed the online gambling bill for New Jersey. It will go into effect within the next nine months.

Updates: February 26, 2013

Massachusetts legislator has offered a bill for the legalization of online gambling. The state of Washington has reaffirmed not to.


An online gambling bill has been signed by the Governor of Nevada, despite Congress' unwillingness to act.

New Jersey

We are awaiting Governor Christie to sign a new onling gambling bill by the end of this week.

A Brief History: The UIGEA Law

As you may remember, the enforcement of the UIGEA Law of 2006 caused many online casinos for US players to leave the market in 2011. Add to this Black Friday, in which the Justice Department shut down many poker sites, added fuel to the fire and resulted in chaos. US Congressman Barney Frank, now retired, had tried to push a bill to legalize online gambling, but due to the "no" policy of the Republicans, the bill never saw the light of day. Consequently, individual states began tackling this problem and while some states pretty much stuck to their guns, other states realized that the revenue from this action would be beneficial to their ever sinking economy. So one by one, states are now reconsidering online gambling and are taking these measures up within the state legislatures. Even some of the most popular land-based casinos have come around and either have instituted their own online gambling and/or support the measure. It remains to be seen of the Congress will take up this bill, but it is clear that online gambling can be a source of millions of dollars for states that are looking to improve their economic downfall. To give you an idea of just how volatile this topic is, we have listed below the lates news from states that are bringing this topic to the forefront. We have also included European countries that are wrestling with the same problem. We will continue to update you on the actions taken.

The Latest News Re the Legalization of Online Gambling in the USA and Abroad


Mississippi has once again failed to vote for a bill that would have allowed for intra-state gambling online.


The legislators in Nevada are now considering a bill that would allow online operators who are licensed to accept payments from players who live in other jurisdictions.

New Jersey

After Governor Christie vetoed the first online gambling bill, movement has been made. Even though he vetoed the second bill, word is that Christie will sign the latest bill if certain requirements are met, and the state legislator reportedly are getting very close to meeting these requirements.


A bill has been introduced to allow for intra-state gambling in Pennsylvania.


The Court has ruled in favor of blacklisting websites of those online gambling operators who operate without a license.


The gambling authority in Spain has given clearance to those operators who wish to implement online gambling.


Leave it to the Italians to know a good thing when they see it. It has been reported that IGT is partnering with iSoftBet for the online gambling market in Italy. And as if this isn’t already good news, iSoftBet will combine its gaming portfolio with the WagerWorks slot games of IGT.