Bovada Sports Betting Rules: Essential Information for Bettors

Bovada has a fully optimized, mobile phone friendly, desktop computer accessible sportsbook perfect for sports fans all over the US. Their sportsbook section will set you up for success. The homage page features a panel that displays every different type of sports game accessible through their sportsbook, where you can place a variety of different types of bets. Bovada is one of the most established offshore online sportsbooks for players in the US. Not only does Bovada have live betting, but you can place bets on all major sporting events in the country, along with an excellent collection of niche sports events such as cycling, virtual sports and darts, among others. The sportsbook has some random betting options too, like political betting, entertainment betting, e-sports and motorsports betting options.

The range of live betting available relies on outside factors, obviously. There are dozens of sports to choose from, and the popularity of each sport depends on what game season it currently is. They have baseball games, basketball, and football, which are undoubtedly the most popular options at any sportsbook.

At Bovada, you can use the bet slip function, along with the proper building to keep your eyes on your wagers as the events unfold. They even have a calendar feature, which is excellent for planning out your wagers and keeping track of what games will be live and when they'll be live. The calendar will notify you what games are available within the next three or six hours along with what games are available tomorrow. With Bovada offering such an extensive sportsbook, it's important to keep up with the rules and essential information beginning players will need to start placing bets at Bovada.

Types of Bets and Sports Available at Bovada

Bovada is known for its dense sportsbook jam packed with sports betting options. They have a huge range of sports with competitive odds. These markets are very alluring and contribute to why Bovada is so well known for its sports betting. You can place bets on Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, MMA and Ice hockey, among others.

There are also different types of bets you can place at Bovada, such as Moneylines, Totals, Parlays, Teasers, Play Props, Game Props, Futures, 1H/2H Spreads, 1H/2H totals and Quarter Lines.

Bovada also has live betting options, and these options change in real time. If you want to place bets as the action unfolds, I'd look into placing a live bet. You can bet on all current game events, along with special scenarios. The odds are displayed on the screen in real time as you watch the game. If you want to place a bet, click on it immediately and place your wager before the game changes. Live betting is not for the faint of heart, but rather perfect for the better who loves a little action. Sometimes game odds can change in mere seconds or minutes. Some single bets and multipliers can be added to your bet slip before you confirm, and this feature also allows you to place exotic/multipliers. Players who combine bets into a parlay bet will potentially land much bigger payouts, but the loss is far riskier and the odds are worse. If you want to play it a little more safely for a smaller payout, you can place multiple wagers as single;e bets instead.

Bovada Betting Rules

Now, let's go over all of the general Bovada rules and restrictions regarding making sporting events! First off, if you place a wager and the time of an event changes, it will not affect the wager. If your event is postponed or rescheduled, or even relocated before the game begins, the event is automatically graded as 'No Action' and your money will be refunded. If you still want to bet on an event that was postponed or rescheduled, you'll need to place the bet again. Automatically grading the event as no action and refunding your money prevents loss for the player.

When you place a bet, the winner of an event will not be determined until the event has concluded. You'll want to look at the date the event has concluded on your betting slip if something extends multiple days. This rule is according to house wagering rules and regulations. If the winner of an event has been established, the bet is settled automatically even if the game has not officially ended as well. Of course, every sport differs to some degree, so check out the rules of your chosen sport.

When you place Team Win Total bets, and there is a game cancellation that will not be replayed within the current season, all wagers still have action unless the canceled games somehow impact the result.

Sports Betting Guides

What's great about Bovada is they actually offer specific guides for their most popular sports on their website. You can learn how to place your first bet within a specific niche, for example say you want to place your first bet on an NFL game, Bovada actually offers an official guide. If you aren't an entire newbie but still want to learn more about betting, broaden your knowledge base so that you can more successfully bet on your favorite teams. After all, knowledge is power. Bovada's Sportsbook offers an extensive market and a range of odds that are unrivaled, but the betting guides will ensure you don't make a mistake and have the proper guidance and information you need before placing a single bet. Keep in mind, betting style can range from game to game because it largely depends on the circumstances surrounding a particular sport. Bovada's specific betting guides will offer an in depth explanation of the most popular betting types and how to properly apply them to each major sport the betting guides cover. You can learn about NBA Moneylines for example, or NFL spreads.

How to Place Your First Bet - A Step By Step Guide

If you're new to Bovada betting, I suggest warming up into it by placing a single bet. A single bet is sometimes referred to as a straight bet, and it's a wager that is placed on the outcome of a single event or game. This will be based on the odds you choose, either the outright winner, the point spread or the combined scores of both teams determine whether or not you won the bet. Straight bets are simplistic compared to other more complicated bet options but still offer variety. Your payout will be determined by the odds posted at the time you place the bet. You can also place your single bet via a mobile device. Just use your smartphone, select your bet and enter the RISK or WIN amount. After that, click the checkmark and you've made the bet! If you want to place a more complicated bet like teasers, parlays or anything else of that nature, you'll need to place the bet on your laptop You can actually place up to 20 straight bets at once. The bets can be for the same or different sports or leagues, or for different portions of the same game.