The History of Online Casinos

Casino gambling has a rich history, and online casinos themselves have been around for over 20 years at this point. Time flies, and the industry has evolved, and continues to evolve at a rapid rate. In this article, we're going to discuss the evolution of the digital world associated with online gambling, including discussing industry innovations that have transformed how we play from the 90s start of at home computer gambling to now!

The Very Beginning

The first known casino was actually around as early as the Renaissance period. This establishment was born in 1638 and was called Ridotto. it was a lavish place where the affluent could celebrate their lives. This casino was the introduction of structured gambling and regulations rather than the previous chaotic incarnations of gambling itself. In the late 19th century the slot machine was invented in San Francisco by Charles Fey, and his original game Liberty Bell ' is referenced in a plethora of slots to this day. So clearly the foundation for online gambling had been in development for a long time.

Online gambling began in the revolutionary year of 1994. The internet may have been new, but the gambling industry is always among the first to adopt new technology. Thanks to the Free Trade & Processing Act, which was passed by Antigua and Barbuda, companies were allowed to offer gambling services online. Microgaming was among the first of the software developers to see the potential of online gambling. Microgaming wanted to develop a future where players can enjoy slot games, and card and table games from the safety of their own home. Of course, developing trust difficult hurdle. Players were initially concerned about whether or not their transactions were secure. Thankfully Cryptologic entered the picture. This company specializes in monetary transactions.

After monetary transactions were secured, the online gambling industry began to gain traction and a reputation among users as a trustworthy and fun resource. As trust was built, more and more players were interested in playing. While the intention was never to replace the brick-and-mortar casino experience, for some players this innovation was crucial for keeping them gambling. They enhanced the always booming industry with this immersive and exciting development. Microgaming was also one of the first to develop a progressive jackpot online slot game in 1998, which was called Cash Splash.

Technology kept advancing and so did the online gambling world. With an influx of technological advancements can better looking games, fast transactions, more realistic graphics, and better sound effects. Themed games became a regularly occurring phenomenon. The themes and intense storylines added a level of immersive gambling that could nearly rival a typical video game, with the added fun of a slot. They developed online slots based around a plethora of different themes, based on popular movies, bands, clichés and history. They still published several classic Vegas slots, too.

Modern Innovations and The Future Of Gambling

Mobile phones were the next big development in the history of online gambling. Casinos had to adapt to mobile phone technology, and also develop specific casino apps. These apps made it easier for players to enjoy casino games at their convenience. You could play on the go, wherever you roam and whenever. They even started to develop live mobile casinos.

Nowadays, we're taking things even further than mobile gambling or live casino gambling. Virtual Reality is the latest trend in gambling, where players will find themselves in a virtual bustling casino instantly. They also are going to use AI to advance the field even further and customize your individual gambling experience. Plus, blockchain technology has allowed for better transparency and security while gambling.