Live Dealer Games: The Real Casino Experience Online

Have you ever played a live dealer game? in the 2020s, live dealer games have been all the rage in the online gambling world. Live dealer games are exactly what they sound like. These are live streamed games, hosted by a real dealer for an online casino. These games are broadcast from professionally equipped studios. Usually, live streamed games are streamed in quality. That means the studio has multiple cameras, professional lighting and quality sound. Many live casinos even use green screens to further enhance the live stream experience. The casino itself will often make creative decisions about the general setup, however. Some casinos will show other games taking place in the background, while some casinos choose to stream one game per studio.

Another reason live dealer games are so fun is the player can actually interact with the dealer in real time in a variety of different ways. They can interact with the dealer via text, voice chat and video chat. Of course, this might vary from platform to platform. Regardless, this gives every player a more social gaming experience. Plus, if you don't trust random number generators, live dealer games can offer a more trustworthy option.

Live dealer games are usually exclusively tied to table, card games and game show titles. After all, it doesn't make sense for there to be a slot live dealer game. However, there are a plethora of live dealer game options available at pretty much any casino. Most casinos offer multiple variations of live blackjack, baccarat, roulette and even three card poker. They also offer live dealer games like lottery, bingo and wheel games. Even though these games use traditional equipment for the actual gameplay, all of the bets are made and kept track of digitally, so the live dealer game will be realistic in almost every way apart from the fact no chips will be present while you play.

Live dealer games bring an immersive gambling experience into the safety of our living rooms and bedrooms. These games are played in real time, so the action unfolds in front of you. Live dealer games are celebrated worldwide for their appeal, and offer a popular alternative to your traditional video poker machine or virtual game tables. The blending of real life and the digital world has been a trend when it comes to most entertainment industries.

The Social Aspect

Let's be frank, it's not always a viable option to travel out to a real land casino for a few games. It requires extra money, gas, and a large amount of time to make it to the casino, as most casinos aren't centrally located for legal reasons. One of the reasons live casino games are so compelling is because of the social element. You can interact with deals and other players! So if your favorite thing was to go hang out at the craps table, chit chat with the dealer and other players and relax with a few games, you can do that very thing without spending the time and energy required for real life casinos. The social element has improved the online casino experience exponentially! Live casinos were the missing puzzle piece when it came to online gaming environments that could rival a real land casino.


Statistically speaking, live casino games have experienced a surge in popularity lately. This is expected to continue in the next few years, and the industry is already making innovations to live dealer games by incorporating virtual reality technically and augmented reality technology to create an even more realistic live dealer game experience. Now a days, it's uncommon for a casino to not offer a live dealer section!

Players seeking an authentic gambling experience turn to the live dealer section of an online casino, and they're rarely disappointed. It's easy to see why live dealer games are all the rage right now, especially considering most popular casinos offer hundreds of live dealer game options!