SuperBook: Not a Good Bet

How does one review an online casino when the pertinent facts cannot be obtained? Super Book Casino is perhaps one of the worst sites I have reviewed to date. They tout themselves as a one-stop shopping site, but contradict that statement by not allowing anyone to visit their banking page or their promos page unless you register. Moreover, they have a Know Your Customer section which is tantamount to invasion of privacy. The only information I can give you is about their games. And even this section is completely confusing.

Confusing Menus

At the top left of the main page are the 3-lined icon, which is a menu so to speak. The menu contains the following: Sports, Casino, Poker, Racebook, Contests, Promos, My Account, and Deposit. Then they have an Information Menu that includes: Contact Us, Withdrawals, Deposits, Privacy Policy, Social Responsibility, House Rules (what are we in a dorm???), About, and Know your Customer. Finally, there is the Casino Menu. This menu is very confusing, especially if you are a new online player. The menu provides you with a category of games. Okay, that’s normal. Under each category of games, you can click on Slots, for example, and a list of slots will appear in grey underneath the category. In the middle of the main page, there is one slot game shown – Dragon Kings Slots which is apparently a new game. Also under the slot category, they also give you the number of lines for the slot games they have but do not reference these games in the middle section but instead provide a list in grey to the left side of the page.


Suffice to say, if a player has to join SportBook to access the deposits, withdrawals, contact, and other important information – then this place is a non-starter for anyone of minimal intelligence.