Alabama gambling law to regulate state lottery

The bill proposed by Governor Robert Bentley, aims towards the regulation of the state lottery. Prior to it being passed by the Senate with a thin margin of 21-12, the bill has gone through significant amendments to make it more acceptable for the majority.

Originally the bill was designed that all the revenue from the lottery would go towards the general fund. Some interventions of later amendments were introduced, that reserved 10% of the lottery revenue towards a Education Trust Fund.

Alabama gambling law

The targeting of the Alabama gambling law proposal is geared towards regulation of the state lottery and the distribution potential revenues from the activity. Senator Greg Reed's proposal ws instrumental in seeing the bill amended at the last minute.

Next stop: The House

The Alabama gambling law is the very first serious attempt to pass legislation in almost two decades. The bill is now to be presented to the House of Representatives in November, where it might pass or be turned down.

Should it receive the necessary number of votes, then it will proceed to Governor Bentley's, since this is Gov. Bentley's bill there is every chance it will be signed.

Will There be Online Poker in Alabama?

Passing of lottery legislation could be a good sign that indicates a shift in political views, Alabama is probably light-years away from an online gambling bill. Alabama gambling law of regulation of online poker will most probably be among the last ones to be passed.

Although Alabama is still some distance from an online poker bill, this gambling law is definitely a step in the right direction.