Mulligan Poker

Have you ever wished that you could just have another chance? It's normal; everyone's wanted that at some time. Whether we've just realized a terrible mistake, or simply think that we could do better if we could do it again, that urge to get a do-over is a part of life.

At Liberty Slots Casino, Silver Oak Casino, Royal Ace Casino and Bovada Casino it's a part of poker, too. 5 Card Mulligan Poker gives you that chance at a replay, and just when you might need it most.

The game itself is pretty simple. It's Five-card, straight Poker. We all know the rules, and we all know the ranking of hands, so there's no confusion about the results of any given hand.

However, unlike Five Card Draw, in Mulligan Poker you can "take a Mulligan;" if your initial hand is just plain horrible, you can throw in a raise bet, and get five completely new cards. You can only take one Mulligan per hand, though, so remember the table rule: the dealer must take it on a King-high or less, but you have a choice.

Because of its simplicity, and lack of discards and draws, Mulligan Poker is strictly a game of chance. There's no room for any Poker skill in this game, but it is a fun way to learn how to calculate odds and memorize the ranking of hands. And on top of that, there's an excellent Bonus payout, if you place the bonus bet.

All in all, Mulligan Poker is a fun, entertaining game, with a lot of strong points. It's got the fun of poker, and ease of standard Five Card Draw, and excitement of a do-over, all combined in one hand of cards. I'd definitely recommend this game to anyone.