The New Wireless Poker Controller

Poker Controls, a UK-based company, has just released a new product that is sure to become a hit among poker players worldwide. The New Wireless Poker Controller is a new tool designed by Poker Controls and is now available to poker players for $99.99. However, if you join either or Pacific Poker, you can have this amazing tool for FREE!

Features of the Poker Controller

Put aside the PC mouse and use the Poker Controller to play poker at your favorite online casinos. Whether you are a beginner or an avid poker player, Poker Controller is easy to use and has several functions to take you to the next level as a poker player.

The features of the Poker Controller include:

  • Bet, Check, or Fold: There are 3 buttons designed for each function. No longer do you have to worry about clicking too many times on the PC mouse. With the Poker Controller, each of these 3 buttons is uniquely shaped so that you can't possibly make a mistake when betting, checking, or folding during the poker game.
  • The Pinpoint Raise-O-Meter: Using a dial on the Poker Controller allows you to raise your bet easily and accurately.
  • Multi-Table Switches: Want to switch tables in a flash? Use the Poker Controller buttons located on either side of the controller, and with your index finger you can switch tables at any time. What is more impressive is that there is an indicator that will be displayed on the screen to let you know that the triggers have been pressed and the tables are switching.
  • Emergency Tilt Button Lock-Out: The tilt button acts as a failsafe mechanism allowing you to stop playing at a certain point in the game. What the tilt button does is freeze you from the game for as long as you decide. This will disable the functions on the Poker Controller, but can still watch the game if you so choose. Moreover, a count-down indicator will appear on your screen letting you know how long you will be away from the game. When you decide to resume play, all of the functions of the Poker Controller will commence.

Benefits of the Poker Controller for Players

  • Unlike using a mouse, where you can accidentally click too many times, the Poker Controller has clearly defined buttons so that no mistakes can occur.
  • Sometimes, no matter how quick you are, you may miss placing a bet. With the Poker Controller, you will never miss placing a bet.
  • With the Poker Controller, your poker play will be faster and more accurate.
  • You can sit back and relax as you play with the Poker Controller. This is especially effective if you play poker for long periods of time.
  • Utilizing the Poker Controller offers a new way of playing poker online - offering an easy, comfortable, and sufficient maneuverability of the buttons on the controller.
If you are an experienced poker player who spends hours at online casinos, check out the Poker Controller today and read all about this amazing tool designed just for you. Remember, you can receive the Poker Controller for free. Just follow the instructions given at Poker