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Best Online Poker Rooms for US players - Bodog Poker replacements

After great success of the Bodog Poker Open I Main Event in March this year, Bodog is announcing Bodog Poker Open II.

Sunday, October 5th 2008, at 4pm ET

Online of course. Everybody is welcome to participate.

Lots of reasons:

  • Bodog Poker Open II will be the greatest online poker event ever

  • Greatest prize pool ever - $300,000 - guaranteed
  • World wide recognition of your poker skills

How to register?
If you are not Bodog Poker players yet, download Bodog Poker first, install the software and register. In the main poker lobby you'll see the link "Scheduled Tournaments". Click on it. You'll see several tabs - "BPO" (Bodog Poker Open) is what you need.

How much it costs to take part?
Participation cost is $500 - just as much as Bodog Poker Open I

What is the competition level?
High. There were 596 participants last tournament and the guaranteed prize pool of $300,000 definitely going to attract lots of players. Last year finalists "phatcat" (the winner), "_TheFinisher_ " and "TheWacoKidd" demonstrated great poker skills and took home more then $150,000!

What the players start from?
Players will begin with 10,000 chips and levels will be 20 minutes in duration.

What is the competition schema?
Bodog Poker Open 2 - the greatest poker tournament

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