Mega Multi Hand Video Poker – Deuces Wild

I like online video poker, and Club USA Casino, Silver Oak Casino, Sloto Cash Casino and Royal Ace Casino have the game for me. It's Mega Multi-Hand Deuces Wild. This video poker has the excitement, and the winnings, I was looking for in a game.

As the name suggests, Mega Multi-Hand is not the average video poker. This game allows the player to choose 10, 50 or even 100 hands at a time, and to play up to five coins on every bet. With a maximum coin size of 50 cents, that makes gives a potential top bet of $125, so Mega Multi-Hand can feed your high-stakes craving. A bet that size comes with risk, but in this game, all the deuces are wild, so the potential for winning is very good. After one max bet, I collected $225; a profit of $100.

When you play Mega Multi-Hand, you'll see several buttons across the bottom of the game screen. These allow you to control the game. From left to right, these are the "Collect" button, which allows you to collect your winning without betting again; the "Hands" button, whose +/- signs allow you to choose the number of hands you are playing; the coin size button, showing many cents each coin is worth, and set using the +/- sign to either side of it; the "Bet One" button, which allows you to vary the number of coins you are betting; the "Bet Max" button, which automatically places the largest bet, and starts the game, and the "Deal/Draw" button, which deals you a base hand, and draws new cards.

This may sound confusing, but it's really quite simple. To play, you'll first choose the coin you want, and the number of hands you want. Next, you'll set your bet, using the coin size, "Bet One," and "Bet Max" buttons. Finally, you'll deal your hand. This will give you a set of cards underneath the slew of hands you'll play. You'll see "Hold" buttons under each card of your base hand, and whatever you choose to hold will appear in all of your other hands. Obviously, you should always hold your wildcards; the rest is up to you! When you decide what to hold, click the flashing "Draw" button to see your final hands, and learn how well you did.

Mega Multi-Hand Deuces Wild is an exciting game, but it's not hard to play, and, with some knowledge of poker hands and a little bit of luck, you can win on every draw.