Dime Slots

People who visit casinos nowadays tend to be people of varying different levels of financial and emotional control. For most people, table games and poker and other activities they might find at a casino might be boring and these people ultimately turn to slot machines in an effort to have some fun and maybe even strike it rich at the same time. There is nothing more thrilling in a casino than hitting the ultimate jackpot on a slot machine (well, maybe rolling ten sevens in a row at craps!) and dime slots really give a lot of people the chance to experience that thrill. There are many great aspects of dime slots and after discussing some of these aspects, this article will let you know where to find some truly fantastic dime slot machines.

Paradise 8 Casino offers more than 300 slots with the option to play dime levels. A player can select their own currency such as US dollar, Euros, British Pounds, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars and South African Rands.

These days, more and more players prefer to play dime slots. They are a magnificent choice for all bettor types as they have been tastefully designed to entertain players for hours on end. These slot games offer some of the highest payout percentages, ranging from 93% to 94%. These slot games are colorful, exciting and offer betting features that make them incredibly fun.

Dime Slot Advantages

The biggest advantage of dime slots, just as with smaller denominations like nickel slots and penny slots, is that they offer a large amount of playability. A person can walk into a casino with $20 in their pocket and end up playing at the slot machine for hours. The smaller denominations allow many people the chance to play the game for a longer amount of time before losing their money and therefore the lower denominations (and in particular nickel and dime slots) tend to be more popular. Just as with nickel slots, the payouts tend to be a bit lower, but dime slots generally will pay out 1-2% better than nickel slots. If you are looking for an optimal value between low payment per round and payout percentage, chances are it will rest somewhere in the dime slot area.

Best Dime Slots

Dime Slot Average Payout Percentage

When considering the average payout percentage of a slot machine, you will find that it is much more difficult to figure out than for other casino games. At the roulette table for example, your chances of winning are 1 in 37, yet the house only pays at odds of 1 in 36. Therefore, the house has a 37 to 36 edge. This is not as easy to figure out with slots. The payout amounts are clearly shown on all slot machines and they vary depending on the number of coins you decide to play (that is having a chance at the big jackpot usually requires playing all five coins), but the odds of hitting a specific combination are not expressly known most of the time. However, experimentation has revealed that the average payout percentage for dime slots is usually in the 93% to 94% range. This will be considerably different in different places however, as not all dime slot machines are created equal. If the payout percentage is what is the most important for you though, consider five dollar slots.

Where to Find Great Dime Slots

Now comes the fun part - where to go for great slots. If you have slot fever like a lot of the world, then you only want the best. The best is a machine that has the ability to get your adrenaline levels up and keep them there for as long as you play the machine. For the best dime slots around, it is strongly recommended that you go and check out either Bovada Casino or other leading RTG casinos like Club USA Casino or Royal Ace Casino. All these casinos are easily accessible and offer the best in terms of slot action.