Hillbillies Slots

Slots fans will need to embrace their inner hillbilly for this particular online game. The graphics, music and sound quality of Hillbillies Slots, however, are anything but unsophisticated. The bright colors, great moving animations and well defined graphics give the eyes a treat as well as the pocket with a maximum jackpot of 5000 coins. Bets can range from $0.01 up to $5 as well, so there's the potential for a calm, cheap game or an exciting high-paying one depending on what mood you're in.

Hillbillies Slots is set out in the standard five reel, 20 payline format and uses simple software, so players will find it easy to get the hang of both during and after download and installation.

Trailer Trash Top Techniques:

With a maximum bet of $5 on each of the twenty paylines, Hillbillies slots has the potential to be a very high paying game. However, if you play it wrong then you could be the one doing all the paying, with no winning to make up for it. The key here is to stagger your bets. The best method for this kind of game is to bet small for two spins and then follow them up with a bet that at least doubles the previous goes. For instance, if you bet $0.10 twice, follow that up with a $1 bet, or shoot right up to $5 if you're feeling brave. You might lose for the first few cycles, but the law of probability dictates you will win soon enough.

The other advice we have for this game is to up your bets during any free spins you may win as well, because wins are doubled at this time.

The Scatter-Wild Symbol Mule:

Hillbillies slots is quite unique in that the game's scatter symbols and wild symbols are the same. There are three of these scatter-wild symbol hybrids, which are the Dolly Parton-esque blond lady, the hillbilly farmer and the hillbilly man. Depending on what combination you land with these symbols, you will increase your original winnings, and/or trigger the bonus round. You can multiply your winnings by up to 20 times if you land all three hillbilly characters on one payline. There are five combinations of this kind of win, each paying out at least 2000 coins.

Bonuses to Get You Doing the Hillbilly Boogie:

There is no bonus 'round' as such on Hillbillies Slots, but instead a range of free spin games. To activate them, you need to land two or more hillbilly symbols (the scatter-wild symbols we mentioned earlier) and you could get eight or more free spins. Remember, all wins are doubled during free spins!

Holiday to the Hillsides:

Hillbillies slots is great for players who are familiar with the five reel, 20 payline format and enjoy it. It follows suit with other games, but also injects some excitement and novelty into the experience with the scatter-wild hybrid symbols. Game play can commence as soon as the Hillbillies Slots software has been downloaded and installed from Sunshine Slots. Just deposit your play or real money and the hillbillies are ready to roll (or spin).