Jazz Time Slots

Like a tall, icy drink on a warm summer evening, Jazz Time is all about the smooth experience. With its slick graphics and mellow soundtrack that grooves along in the background, this new slot from Real Time Gaming (RTG) is designed for casino fans with more refined tastes.

Looking past its extremely attractive interface, this is a 5 reel video slot with 9 pay lines. You can play if for as little as 1c, or push the boundaries all the way up to $5 a line. There's even the chance of hitting a progressive jackpot.

How to get your groove on

In a game of Jazz Time, the idea is to hit a winning combination of symbols. Start off by taking a look at the pay table so that you've got an idea of what to look out for.

Choose your coin size based on your budget, and then select how many lines you'd like to play per spin.

The basic idea is that the more lines you play, the more chances you have of hitting something valuable on each spin. Maxing the lines may cost more, but it also gives you the best odds of winning.

It's about the image

RTG have given Jazz Time a classy, stylized look that makes it easy on the eyes. A quick glance at the pay table will tell you that you're on the lookout for an old school silver microphone - 5 of these will either trigger the progressive jackpot or pay out 10,000 coins (a $50,000 value at max bet).

The next most valuable symbol is the electric guitar, whose smooth notes could earn you up to $12,500 if you get a line of them. The mellow sound of the horn are worth listening out for, too, because they're worth up to $10,000.

Other symbols you won't want to miss include the snare, hihat and drumsticks. If you pick up all three, regardless of where they appear on the reels, you'll win an instant Scatter bonus that's a multiple of whatever you're currently betting.

Bonus Jam Session

Jazz Time features an entertaining bonus round that you can trigger by hitting three grand piano symbols. In it, you're faced with a classic jazz quartet - a grand piano, a double bass, an electric guitar and a horn.

To start the jam session, simply click one of the instruments, and it will begin to groove, earning you bonus coins. Pick the next instrument you'd like to hear to add it to the jam - and watch the coins add up.

You can keep adding instruments to the jam session until one of them plays a bum note, which kills the groove and drops you back to the main game with your bonus loot.

Where to play

Jazz Time can be found at any RTG casino, but for the exclusive atmosphere that the game demands, we recommend you try it out at Bovada Casino, where you can earn an extra 10% on any deposit you make.