Realm of Riches Slots

Stand fast and hear us, Casino Titan fan. For lo! we bring news of a mighty video slot game thou has never seen the like of yet, nor shall ye see again. Wrought in the fires of Mount RTG, it is named Realm of Riches, and by its magicks, it has transformed many a humble peasant into a wealthy prince! Seriously, though, this is a top notch game with a medieval fantasy theme - rescuing damsels in distress and swinging broadswords about, stuff like that. Good looks aside, this game lives up to its name - it's got a $50,000 top prize plus a random jackpot feature, and free bonus spins! Get your armor on and try Realm of Riches Slots today by signing up for a free account at Casino Titan.

Start as a Squire, Work Your Way Up

When it comes down to it, Realm of Riches is actually remarkably easy to play, and requires no training or strategy guide. How you play it really comes down to how many lines you want to play simultaneously. You see, unlike older 3-reel slots, Realm of Riches allows you to play up to 20 different lines simultaneously - view the game's Help section for pictures of the criss-cross paths they take across the reels. So while the game has more reels than games of old, it still respects 3-symbol combos, and it offers up to 20 chances to win on each spin instead of just one. Realm of Riches indeed.

The Mantle of a Knight

It's pretty traditional for games like this to utilize playing card symbols on the pay table, and Realm of Riches is no exception. But after the regally represented card icons, things get exciting. The symbol set includes the Knight, the Princess, the Tower, the Helm, and others. The Crown is a special symbol in that it's a Substitute - you can plug it into any combo for a bigger win.

Magnificent Mobile Regal Riches!

Should you want a royal slots session on your mobile device then look no further than Realm of Riches mobile. The fully optimized for iOS and Android Realm of Riches mobile slots has been designed to spin like a dream on your smartphone or tablet and when you take to the reels of this regally styled gem you'll find that the fantastic features, freespins and $50,000 life changing jackpot are all served pocket size! Realm of Riches mobile slots will also deliver that huge progressive jackpot and as so many US slots players are now finding out, the convenience of mobile slots spinning is providing a different, and thrilling way to play.

Princely Bonus Treasure

When at least 3 Shield symbols appear anywhere, this triggers the free spins bonus rounds. The number of free spins you get depends on how many Shields triggered the bonus, but you can get anywhere between 15 and 25 spins on the house. One extra cool thing: if you hit a Crown during this round, it expands to fill up the reel its on, which basically gives you a guaranteed Wild symbol in every spin, seriously upping your chance of hitting cash combos. And don't forget the progressive jackpot - there's no telling what could set it off!