Bingo Hall

If you scroll down to the bottom of their page, what you eventually find is that there are three testimonials stuck to the front part of the Bingo Hallwebsite. This is eventually something that is worth noticing, because while it is by no means an exhaustive sample, it still shows how positive people can feel about the Bingo Hall website. In an online world where regulation for casinos and bingo websites is nowhere near worth talking about, what you are eventually going to see with a lot of these things is that people are going to be nervous about joining and even more nervous about putting their money in. Any website that can inspire confidence is one worth talking about and Bingo Hall is definitely a website that can inspire confidence.

Bingo Software

The first positive thing to mention about the actual software itself is that there are a lot of different things about it that make it easy. Firstly, the setup process for the software itself is completely easy to go through and therefore what you will find is that you can be up and running in just minutes with the Bingo Hall software. Once you have it set up, the point and click nature of the software makes further interaction quite easy and indeed the main bingo screen of the software is so amazingly easy to use that it has been positively cited by virtually every bingo website reviewer in the business.


As far as promotions go, they are divided into deposit promotions and special promotions. Deposit promotions are divided into the initial signup bonus (which happens to be a 100% bonus) as well as a Friday Bingo Hall deposit bonus. This deposit bonus is a tiered bonus and works for any deposit that you make under it to the effect that a deposit of $25 to $99 nets you a 125% bonus, a deposit of $100 to $199 nets you a 165% bonus, a deposit of $200-$299 nets you a 190% deposit bonus and finally a deposit of $300+ nets you a deposit bonus of 250%.

As for the special bonuses, there are both game special bonuses and chat special bonuses, which basically are jackpot bonuses that are awarded either to people that play in certain games or alternatively people that happen to be the most present in a chat (details of this are dynamic and the latest can be found on Bingo Hall website under promotions).

Payment Options

The following payment options are available at Bingo Hall: Credit Card, NETeller, InstaDebit, Money Transfer, EcoCard and Click2Pay.

Play At Bingo Hall

With the excellent service on the website, the great promotions, the easy to use software and the flexible payment options, the reasons to want to play at Bingo Hall are plentiful and robust. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Bingo Hall now and take a look around to see exactly what you could be getting in on through their free sign up and download process.