Luck o’ the Irish Slots

This 3 reel, 1 payline bonus slot certainly makes you feel like you have the Luck o' the Irish on your side. The beautiful graphics and folksy music evoke images of Ireland and pots of gold. But it's knowing that the lucky clover is spinning around and around that truly gives you the Luck o' the Irish here. While luck is necessary, the generous payout structure, wilds and Bonus Rounds don't hurt to increase the odds either.

Luck + Knowledge = The Big Win

Like with anything in life, you can't rely on luck alone for success. Careful planning, research and general knowledge will give you the tools for achieving your goals. The same is true even with the Luck o' the Irish slot. It's important to do everything you can to increase your odds, and in this case it means, firstly, learning about the game and secondly, using 3 coins for every spin. You can decide what your max bet is, from 10 cents to $30, but it's recommended to spin 3 coins each turn. This also increases your shot at the Bonus Round, which we'll discuss below, because with 3 coins, you only need 1 Bonus symbol to trigger the round.

With a Little Luck o' the Irish, Anything Can Happen

There are several symbols of note here. First is the Bonus Round symbol, our little green leprechaun friend. When the Bonus Round is triggered you have three chances to choose a leprechaun from the ring of dancing little men. At any point you can keep your choice or select again. If your next choice is higher you keep it, if not, you keep the smaller prize. But either way, you come out a winner. The Pot of Gold is wild. If you spin 1 Pot, it pays 2X the winnings, or 4X if you spin 2 wilds topping out at 2400 credits!