Add-funds as a new depositing method for US poker players

Absolute Poker is the first poker operator to accept Add-funds as a deposit method. So what is so special about Add-funds? The answer is simple! It's not a prepaid DEBIT card but a prepaid CALLING card! It's hard to imagine that in this high-tech and wireless world you would be forced to pay for your favorite poker game with a pre-paid calling card but it's true! I mean, the last time I bought a pre-paid card was at Walgreen's 4 years ago! So enough nostalgia and back to our times and to my point which is how to deposit money to play online poker . The review of the card was really helpful so I decided to buy one and it worked like a charm! Add-funds transfers your funds safely to the gambling operator without all the hassles. You just buy "calling credits" and exchange them for your poker chips in any poker room that accepts USA-based players. We tested Add-funds in Absolute Poker and we managed to buy $200 in Add-funds credits and exchange them for poker chips! We had a great time playing after that!

The Add-funds method seems to be completely reliable and actually faster than using Money-Gram or Western Union!