In researching many of the more than 1000 crypto currencies, BitCash is one that has a huge flaw. There are no designated websites that offer any explanation as to what has happened to BitCash, not have wannabe buyers of this currency found any information that can lead to any sort of purchase. There is only one site that defines what BitCash (Bitcoin Cash) is. The explanation is ambiguous at best. “Bitcoin Cash is technically just Bitcoin before the fork, it doesn't really exist as such, and any Bitcoin you own will become Bitcoin Cash as well after the fork (because your UTXOs will be valid in the shared chain before the fork and thus valid in both branches). Until the fork happens, there is only one blockchain, hence the term fork.” For those if you who understand this jargon, hats off to you. But in reality, many of these new crypto currencies such as BitCashmay start out on a high note, but eventually peter out. This is due to the fact that most of the crypto currencies are speculative in nature. As the crypto craze continues, the one constant is that Bitcoin is still number one in the world.

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