BOKU Casinos

Getting tired of funding your casino account with a credit card that, in many cases, will not be accepted? Or, for that matter, would you rather not provide credit card information for any purchases made on your PC or mobile phone? Now there is a brand new way of making purchases. It’s called BOKU. BOKU is a revolutionary new way to fund your casino account and/or make purchases using just your mobile phone.

How Does BOKU Operate?

Let’s say you want to join an online casino, but do not want to use a credit card. Use BOKU. In 3 steps, all you have to do is to select the funding, click on Pay by Mobile, and confirm. It’s as easy as that. All you need is to enter your mobile phone number, and you’re set. The new 1-Tap method is an ingenious way to make funding your casino account(s) the easiest and safest way to join any online casino using this method. Use BOKU now at our BOKU Casinos: