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Have you ever tried to log into an online casino only to find that you can’t play because the browser you are currently using is outdated or not supported by the online casino? One of the basic tenets for accessing any online gaming site is to ensure that you have the best browser available that is fully compatible with the casino site. This brings us to the question: What are the most popular browsers for online gaming? Not surprisingly Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer are the three top browsers for online gaming according to the 2011 web statistics and trends.

The Truth is in the Pudding

As an AOL user and reviewer of online casinos and games, this writer can attest to the fact that all three of the popular browsers do in fact offer faster access to online casinos as well as quick uploads of casino games. It wasn’t that long ago that AOL was the number one browser, but being biased I have to admit that accessing online casinos using any one of the three browsers mentioned makes my review process a whole lot easier and less time consuming. Although there are no significant differences between these three browsers, I find that depending upon my needs, I can use all three to accomplish the same tasks.

Which Browser is the Best?

Out of the three mentioned, Firefox is rated the best in browser usage. But again, this is a subjective choice. While I can generally view the main page of online casinos via AOL, it simply takes too long to review the entire website on this browser. Thus, my first instinct is to use IE as it is not only compatible with all casinos, but is already embedded in the Windows software. However, in this writer’s opinion, Firefox has the fastest download and coincidentally was the number one choice among online users in 2011 with Google Chrome a close second.

Avoid the “Message” and Download the Best Browser Now

If you have been unable to access your online casino, the message that is displayed actually tells you what browsers to use. For example, you may see one online casino telling Window Users to download the latest links for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. For Mac users, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari are recommended. To avoid receiving the message stating that your browser is not compatible with the online casino, we highly recommend you download Chrome and Firefox. In this way, you will have the option of having all three browsers at your disposal. Remember, time is money and without the proper tools, the experience of playing at online casinos will be significantly diminished.

As you know, mobile devices are becoming an everyday useful means of communication. Thus, the recent emergence of online casinos adding mobile apps has become one of the most popular forms of online gaming. So there is no surprise that Drake Casino has just added mobile casino games for your entertainment. The games are part of their “Apple Optimized Casino Games,” and they include:

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