CASHlib is a prepaid voucher that allows you to pay without having to reveal your card number or bank account information. You can use CASHlib online or in a store. This prepaid voucher is safe, easy to use and, and quick. You can use CASHlib wherever you see the CASHlib logo at any online casino. It is also available at Bitit (Bitcoin Online). You can buy CASHlib at most gas stations, kiosks, and retail stores. It should also be noted that CASHlib is for players outside the US.

What are the Advantages in Using CASHlib

You can pay up to 250€ at one time; you can also combine several vouchers up to 1.000€ per transaction; and you can check your balance online at any time. Moreover, the payment is instant; there is no registration required; and there is no waiting time until your prepaid voucher is shown in your wallet.

How do I Purchase CASHlib Vouchers?

You can buy them online with your credit cards. Simply fill out the online form and check off how much cash you will need. The amounts range from 10€ to 250€.

Special Bonus for CASHlib Subscribers

When you open an account at Wikiwins Casino and make your first deposit of 20€ with CASHlib, you will receive a 250% bonus plus 10% cash insurance. Use code CHL250.