Community Cops 'n' Robbers Slots

Playing slots can sometimes be a lonely pastime, even in high action slot tournaments. A new game option offered by Sky Vegas Casino online now ends all of that concern. The new offering, suitably called Community Cops 'n' Robbers Slots provides options for at least part of the slot game to be played within the online community literally allowing slot players to compete against each other while cashing in on each other's good fortunes.

The online community action kicks in on various bonus rounds that feature further video action to allow players to win additional cash bonuses and multipliers. The three different community or multiplayer features include Cop the Lot, Cash Explosion and Hot Pursuit. During these bonus rounds the multipliers provide extra potential winning and even in regular play there is a huge jackpot of a quarter of a million just waiting for that lucky player. Overall the game has few rules and is very easy to play for those just getting started or those that have a lot of gambling experience. With five reels and twenty paylines this is a fast paced game with a whole new take on slot machine action.

In addition to multiplayer games and functions in the slot game itself, Community Cops 'n' Robbers Slots also gives players a chance to chat directly with each other. While this isn't a completely new concept to online gambling and slot machine play, it definitely will attract new people to the gambling world. With additional options for talking to other players, game strategies during the community play time on the machines is sure to develop quickly, leading to some great earning potential.