Liberty Slots CasinoLiberty Slots Casino remains one of our very favorite online gaming properties, and why not? It is a great-looking place to play with a huge collection of the latest top games; it offers top notch customer security and banking options; and best of all, it offers fantastic incentives to keep loyal players coming back time and time again. Among their collection of incentives are their daily Slot Tournaments.

Tournament Play

If you are new to tournament play, get ready for a new addiction. Tournament play takes all the fun and excitement of casino gaming and multiplies it by giving players a goal beyond that of hitting the next jackpot. Tournaments vary in the number of players, the buy-in amounts, the payouts, and the games featured, but they all involve groups of players all focused on the same goal.

Another feature that builds on the fun is the guaranteed payout in tournament play—someone is always going to win, and there is potential for big winnings!

Tournaments at Liberty Slots

Liberty Slots Casino features tournaments every single day, so once you get the bug, you will have plenty of opportunities for tournament play. The buy-in amount ranges from FREE (how can you do better than that?) up to $1.00—most are 50¢. The free tournaments have fixed payouts established by the casino, but the others are played for the total pot of collected buy-ins! This provides the potential for some truly huge payouts if you play at times when there are numerous other players.

The games used for tournament play are the top games that Liberty has in its seemingly limitless slot game collection. No matter what your taste in slot games is, you will find a tournament featuring your favorite one. In fact, for players of specialty and table games there are tournaments as well, though they are not nearly as frequent and they are slightly more expensive to enter.

The Rules of Play

The tournaments always start promptly at the time specified on the tournaments page, and more importantly, they end promptly at the end time. What this means is that if you have the winning spin in progress when the second hand hits the mark, that spin is out of play and does not count. Players provide their own stake for tournament play, so make sure that your play account is appropriately funded. Most tournaments run for only half an hour, so it is not a huge commitment, but we warned you: tournament play is a lot of fun and is highly addictive! With the number of daily tournaments offered at Liberty, you will always find another ready when you have finished the one you are currently playing.

Please note: All winnings gained during tournament play are typical of the game being played—the pot is an additional winning awarded to the highest scoring player!

Try a Tournament Tonight!

Tournament play is the apex of slot gaming! And with the number of tournaments that Liberty Slots offers, there is no reason not to give it a try right now. Head over to Liberty Slots Casino and get the reels spinning on the next available tournament right now!

TournamentGameStarts InEnds InEntryPrize Pool
Top Five WinFunny Moolah49 weeks 2 daysnow$3Pot Percentage
New Years CountdownFunky Chicks48 weeks 1 daynow$10$2,000
Weekly WinnerKing Tiger49 weeks 3 daysnow$3Pot Percentage
Blackjack ChallengeVegas Strip49 weeks 3 daysnowFreePot Percentage
The Royal FlushBonus Poker49 weeks 4 daysnowFreePot Percentage
Auld Lang SlotsDog Gone It49 weeks 2 daysnow$4$1,000
Daily Play For The PotDoctor Lovenow21 hours$3Pot Percentage
Daily Free SpinsWheel Of Chancenow21 hoursFree$100
Game Of The DayGold Of The Godsnow21 hoursFreePot Percentage
Daily Play For The PotBigfoot21 hours1 day$3Pot Percentage
Daily Free SpinsTriple Rainbow 7s21 hours1 dayFree$100
Game Of The DayDynasty21 hours1 dayFreePot Percentage
Daily Play For The Pot20,000 Leagues1 day2 days 21 hours$3Pot Percentage
Daily Free SpinsTriple Gold1 day2 days 21 hoursFree$100
Game Of The DayVegas Party1 day2 days 21 hoursFreePot Percentage
Top Five WinCleopatra's Pyramidnow2 days 21 hours$3Pot Percentage
Daily Play For The PotCash Caboose2 days 21 hours3 days 21 hours$3Pot Percentage
Daily Free SpinsDouble Gold2 days 21 hours3 days 21 hoursFree$100
Game Of The DayVampire Vixen2 days 21 hours3 days 21 hoursFreePot Percentage
Weekly WinnerGoblin's Goldnow3 days 21 hours$3Pot Percentage

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