Deep Space Slots

In the never-ending search to understand our universe…OK this is not a science fiction movie or a series about space travel. Deep Space Slots is a game with crisp graphics and interesting sound effects that should please both the space nuts and the slots fanatics. It fits into the five-reel, 21-line category. Perhaps its best feature is the uncluttered appearance of the screen. Colors are very sharp and images are well defined. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some may be a bit put off by the repeating voice of the astronaut. However, this floating fellow is a Wild symbol that enhances the payout and can be used to complete a line for a winner.

Where No Player Has Gone Before

Matches across a line are shown by bright star, meteorite, satellites, Sun, Earth, comet, space ship and galaxy symbols. For example, three Earth symbols = 75, four comets = 300 and five space ships = 2500. Five hits (four + astronaut) = 5000 and so on. There is also a Scatter symbol in the form of an "alien." This symbol also has special payouts. Five hits (four + alien = 200). With Deep Space Slots, clicking on "Bet One" multiple times increases the number of lines you want to bet. More lines bet = better chance of winning. Numbers scattered along the body of the rockets at either side of the main screen indicate how many lines you want to play. For example, click on "6" and you will play six lines that connect in different directions. There is also a "Bet Max" key to wager on all 15 lines. Of course, there is the standard "Spin" button, and "Auto" button to repeat a bet. This last button puts the game on automatic until you click the button again to go back to manual mode.

Deep Space Slots: It's Progressive

On the main screen you simply have to click the "Pay Table" button on the upper right to get the details you need. • This game is a progressive slot game, which means that the top prize increases as additional people play it. Portions of a player's bet are added to the jackpot. When the jackpot is won the total is reset and builds again. Progressive slots can be linked so that the jackpot builds from a network of machines played. Some slot machines are stand-alone progressives and others are simply in-house progressives operated by the casino.

Try Deep Space Slots at selected casinos and enjoy smooth, quick-moving graphics and a theme that is almost out of this world.