Derby Jackpot

If you are a horse racing fan, we would like to invite you to join the new Derby Jackpot. What is Derby Jackpot? Glad you asked. It is an online betting site where you can bet on live races. It is licensed by the Oregon Racing Commission, and is a safe, secure, and fun way to bet on horse races directly from your home. There are up to 50 racetracks across the US and Canada. These include: Del Mar, Hollywood Park, Keeneland, Aqueduct, Belmont, Saratoga, Oak Tree, and Los Alamitos. What is so unusual about this site is that it also has several different forms of betting. Let's take a look.

Game Facts

All US players are welcome at Derby Jackpot. When you join Derby Jackpot , you will instantly receive $10 as an instant bonus. You will note that there are several tabs on your screen indicating the type of races you can play. These are arranged in the following order:

  • Monkey: Provides you with a list of 15 horses along with their race history and odds. The bets range from $1 to $1000. The Monkey Bet is the WIN Bet, which means whatever horse you bet on that comes in first results in a win for you.
  • Donkey Bet: Has the same betting configurations. This is the place bet. Whatever horse that you bet on that comes in second yields you a win.
  • Granny Bet: Has the same configurations, although not available at this time. This is the show bet, and just like win or place, the horse that you bet on that comes in third is a winner.
  • The Gonzo Bet: The Gonzo Bet displays cards, in which you are asked to choose three cards. Each card is associated with a specific horse, showing its odds. The wagers start from $2 to $1000. This is an exacta race. You win if the horses you chose come in first and second.
  • The Fiddy Bet: The Fiddy Bet displays a slot like machine in which three horses are displayed. You get to Spin for the Box and Quick Pick based on your wager from 50 cents to $1000.
  • The Dime Bet: The Dime Bet is also a slot like machine in which four horses are shown. The Spin is for the quick pick and the box multiplier can be turned on or off. The betting amount ranges from 20 cents to $2 for a no box bet, and from $4.80 to $48 for a box bet.

The Result Board

You can find the results of the races to the right of the main board. The results will show the winning horse and its payout as well as the player who won.

The Chat Board

Below the Result Board is the Chat Board. Here you can discuss the races with your friends, particularly on Facebook, and have the opportunity to choose winners and comfort the losers.


Derby Jackpot accepts the following banking methods: Credit Cards and Green Dot.

Customer Support

There is a FAQ section in which you can read all about Derby Jackpot and how it works, as well as a section in which Derby Jackpot provides links to more information on this type of gambling, as well as links to the racetracks. You can also read about the Team that runs the site; and contact them as well through email, twitter, and through their home base in NY. You can even apply for a job!

Join Derby Jackpot

We commend the team at Derby Jackpot for coming up with a very unique and different way to engage in horse track betting. We also invite you to join Derby Jackpot and use the $10 bonus offered to try your luck at this most unusual site. It's easy to play, secure, and most of all very enjoyable.