Food Fight Slots

Oozing cheese pizzas, juicy hamburgers and plump, ripe tomatoes await you in Food Fight Slots. Perfect for both the experienced and beginners, game play is fast, lively and fun. The five-reel, nine-line slot game from Real Time Gaming. Top prizes await if you line up a variety of colorful foods. Graphics around the reel represent the colorful mess that comes from any food fight.

Impressive features include the solid splat sound as a pie lands on your target's face. Hear the audience cheer as you hit a variety of characters and boo when you miss. Play Food Fight Slots and enjoy the dings and chimes found in old-fashioned slot machines. Game play is not marred by unfitting music or sound effects.

Hungry for a Win

Foods represented in Food Fight Slots include ripe tomatoes, plates of spaghetti and meatballs, chocolate pudding, hamburgers, ice cream cones, pie and pizza. Game play is simple. Place your bet (1 cent minimum to $5 max), spin the reel and cross your fingers. Action picks up and the foods become a blur as they fly around the reel.

The right combination of foods wins you cash. Land five of the same item for generous cash prizes. Five chocolate puddings is worth an impressive 6,250. Pudding, pizza and pasta are top winning symbols. Tomatoes, hamburgers and pie still delivers impressive prizes. Increase the number of lines you're betting on and boost the odds that you'll spin a winning combination.

Food Fight Slots Bonus Rounds

Everybody loves ice cream. In this case, building an ice cream cone delivers more than a cool treat. The Ice Cream bonus occurs when you land an ice cream cone, scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate topping complete with cherry. Get that combination and the ice cream cone forms before your eyes giving you a quick rush of cash.

Ready for a pie toss? Spin a pie plate, cream filling and cherry to activate the Food Fight bonus. In this bonus round, you throw pies at five cartoon characters that range from a lanky hippie to a bulky athlete. Hit them for bonus credits. Miss and the bonus round ends immediately.

Popular Venues Offering Food Fight Slots

Head to Sunshine Casino for Food Fight Slots fun. Throwing food around is always fun thanks to generous prizes. Spin the reel with play cash before making a deposit and discovering how easy it is to win. Toss in matching and welcome bonuses for double the fun. Discover generous $10,000 welcome bonuses at Silver Oak Casino and Lucky Club Casino, 100 percent matching bonuses at Bovada Casino.