Fountain of youth

If you are just beginning to play online slots, we highly recommend you download and play Fountain of Youth Slots, a classic and beautifully rendered slot game for beginners and penny slot players alike. Easy to play and perfect to stay within your budget, this slot game has a paradise theme we know you will enjoy.

Young at Heart

A classic 3-reel, 13payline slot, Fountain of Youth is a straightforward slot game with the paytable located directly above the slot machine for easy reference. There are two jackpots: the first is 800 coins and the second is 600 coins. The coin size ranges from 5¢ to $5, with a maximum bet of $15 per spin. There are no bonus features in this game, but it does feature some lovely symbols.

Four Symbols that Matter

Fountain of Youth Slots incorporates for lovely symbols reflecting its theme. They are: Flowers, Frogs, Birds, and the Fountain of Youth. With 8 winning combinations available, you are sure to enjoy the pleasure of hearing the coins fall into the tray with every spin. With three paylines active, you can't lose!

Fairy Tales Do Come True

This is one of those slot games that provides the maximum number of paylines with a minimum number of symbols. Download and play Fountain of Youth today and enjoy life tomorrow.