Fruit Frenzy Slots

The classic game of slots is laden with colors and sound effects, lights and of course the fruit symbols. Fruit Frenzy Slots is almost exactly the same, but with one main difference: the fruit symbols each have a circus-themed personality.

The inability to gamble all your winnings on Fruit Frenzy Slots makes it ideal for beginners who don't want to take big risks, or simply for those looking for a calm game but still with a chance of winning big. By calm, we mean fun without risk-taking, rather than dull - Fruit Frenzy Slots is packed full of vibrant graphics, fun music and colorful images to keep your game exciting. This online slot game is also ideal for experts and beginners alike because the software is so easily downloaded, and game play so simple to grasp. Join and play Fruit Frenzy Slots today!

Strategies and Game Play for Fruitful Results

The amounts that you can bet on Fruit Frenzy Slots are $1.25, $2.50, $6.25, $12.50, $25 and $125. These numbers may be higher than many other games of slots, but it's important to remember that you can't gamble all your winnings on this game; so higher bets to begin with raises the stakes a little more.

If you're a beginner then start off by betting the much smaller amounts until you get to grips with the game. Those who are more advanced will already know some of the strategies that work for slots games, but if you don't then it's always a good bet to raise your wager once you get onto a winning streak. Win once with a $1.25 bet and raise the next to $2.50, then up to $12.50 or $25. The key here is to raise your bet higher the further you go on, so that you're in with a better chance of winning big.

Those Two Little Words - Fruit & Frenzy

The nerdy looking strawberry is the main symbol you should be looking out for if you want to win the jackpot (and who doesn't?). Get 5 in a row on one of the 25 paylines and you'll win the 5000 coin jackpot, although it's a progressive and random jackpot so you could win anything between 5000 and 10,000.

Fruit Frenzy Slot's scatter symbols are the ones that say 'Fruit' and 'Frenzy' and are not a fruit character. Get two or more of either scatter symbol on any line or reel and you'll win a prize depending on the bet that you put on that go. The wild symbol, on the other hand, is the pineapple, which can replace any symbol on any line to get the winning payline that you want.

How to Meet the Circus Master

Rather than triggering a bonus round when you get 3 or more scatter symbols, this game's bonus round is triggered when you get 5 of any kind on any payline (unless you get the 5-strawberry symbol jackpot of course).

It's during this bonus round that players get to meet the circus ringmaster, the Pineapple, who shoots the strawberry through his cannon towards a melon target. Depending on how many times the Strawberry manages to go right through the middle of the melon, the player can win different numbers of free spins (5, 10, 15 or 25).

Find Your Way to the Big Top

Never has a game catered to every type of slots player as much as Fruit Frenzy before. You can be a beginner on a budget looking for a relaxed game, an expert laden with cash looking to hit the big money or any combination of the two and greatly enjoy this game at Manhattan Slots Casino, Bovada Casino Simply register, create an account and you're good to go!

Get Your Fruity Fun on the Go!

Should you not wish to download free casino software, or indeed play Fruit Frenzy instant play then there's always the brilliant Fruit Frenzy mobile slots that spins beautifully on your Android or iOS mobile device. When enjoying Fruit Frenzy mobile on your Android tablet, smartphone, iPad or even iPhone you'll be served up with the exact same superb slots features and those bright fruity colors look brilliant on that HD screen. There are a whole stack of US slots players now enjoying mobile slots action, due to the convenience and the fact that when a slot such as Fruit Frenzy gets optimized for mobile play, it provides such a different and cool slots experience.